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Default Strain After Boil

I am planning my second batch this weekend, and was wandering if I should strain the hop pellets out after the boil, before putting in primary. I am making a Brown Ale this time, and don't think it would taste good with the hops being left in there for three weeks or so. According to the directions included with the True Brew kit, it does not require a secondary. I am planning on leaving it in primary for three weeks, not the one suggested in the directions. Does anyone use cheesecloth or a wire mesh strainer while transferring from boil pot to ferment bucket?

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Boil hops are pretty much spent due to the heat, and don't contribute anything off flavorwise to the beer afterwords. It's really only dry hops that can contribute to a grassy off flavor if left to long, but not kettle hops.

That's really one of those things that is a matter of personal preference and nothing else. Some dump everything in, without straining, just pour it in the bucket or in the funnel....Some use a big strainer that fit in the funnel for a carboy, or a sanitized 5 gallon nylon paint strainer bag in the bucket...

I have done it all ways. It really doesn't matter...anything will settle.

In other words, there is no wrong way to do it, or better way, or way that will make the best beer...they all work...the choice is what will work the best for you. That's how you develop you own unique brewing process. By trying all ways and deciding what works best for you.

What I do with my IC, is chill the wort, then I lean the bottom of my autosiphon about two coils up from the bottom on the metal of the siphon. That rests it above most of the break material and trub, then I rack it to the fermenter until I'm down to that and carefully lower the siphon down into the gunk, just trying to get as much of the wort as possible without letting in the hops and break matter.

A whirlpool helps.

But pretty much up until I got my immersion chiller I just dumped for the majority of my batches. And I still managed to do well in contests...

I find that long primaries render my beer just as clear, and crisp tasting regardless of whether I dumped it all in or not....so I just do what works for me.....

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I have done it both ways. Filter and just dump. Either will work. so whatever you are comfortable with. go for it. I pretty much just dump it all and let it settle out.
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Why not use a muslin bag to put the hops in while boiling? They cost around 0.60$.
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If you're not using a plate chiller, or CFC, then just dump everything in. IF you are using a plate chiller, or CFC, then I would bag the hops in the boil (use a hop spider) to keep the hop matter out of the chiller. IMO, that's the main reason many will use a spider, or try to filter out hops from the boil.

I'm going to be looking into the trub filter item from Brewer's Hardware once I've moved and get a brew stand. Otherwise, I'll just continue to use the hop spider and not worry about it.

When I did use the filter insert for the funnel (found at most LHBS/HBS locations) I found it to be a total PITA. It clogged so fast/easily that it was really more trouble than it was worth.
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I don't strain my wort. I just dump it all in. I do use a paint strainer as a hop sack during the boil, though. This keeps a large majority of the hops out of the final product.
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I use a large funnel i got at my LHBS it has a plastic screen insert. Before that I used my raking cane and siphoned my chilled wort into my primary.
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I keep my kettle as still as possible during chilling and then use an siphon to rack into the primary. Most of the crud gets left behind.
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I stopped using hop pellets (when I can) and just use whole leaf in a nylon bag.

I never have any trouble using a funnel + strainer/filter in that situation.
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Default Hop Spider pros and cons

So what are peoples feelings about using a hop spider to contain the hops during the boil. I have used one several times but am wondering if it has a negative effect on hop utilization.
I am looking for the pros and cons with using one.

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