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Why do people make vanilla extract instead of throwing in a whole vanilla bean? That's the same idea that is being talked about here, using a small amount of mead to make a chili pepper extract or infusion, a concentrate, which can then be used to precisely control the heat level.

Actually could be a cool experiment, make a higher gravity dry traditional, like 18%+, let it clear, splitting it into pints and seeing how making potent "extracts" with various things like cinnamon, vanilla, chilies, other herbs and spices come out, Give them a good long soak.

Would only need a gallon batch a case of pint mason jars and time.
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But that is not rehydration. That's extraction.

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I've had very good results with just throwing the dehydrated pepper directly in the secondary. I've made an ancho chile mead this way that turned out very good as well as a smoked chipotle porter where I used "morita" chiles.

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WRT liquid smoke: There are different flavors of smoke. Someone mentioned using oak chips but that imparts oak flavor and not really smoke flavor (IMHO). Liquid smoke can be had in hickory and mesquite, the latter might be more appropriate with the peppers, although I'd defer to the chef here.

If I had a show mead I was proud of, and I wanted to add this flavor, I'd make sure it was the best flavor I could get: Use mesquite (or whatever is appropriate) and smoke the peppers yourself.
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Penderys sells all kinds of ground chiles, including ground chipotles and smoked paparika as well as a hundred others. If adding whole chiles does a good job wouldnt the powders do it better? Would it be better to add in the primary so it you get the water soluble portion out and then let stay untilthe fermentation is over? WVMJ

Originally Posted by tauschung View Post
I'm going to split up my 5 gallons of show mead I made a year ago. One of them is going to be my Bobby Flay mead, or Pomegranate capsicumel.

My question, is, how would I impart a smoky spicy flavor into the mead? I loooove those cans of chipotle peppers packaged in adobo. And, I think that it would marry great with pomegranate.

I highly doubt that charring some chipotle peppers would get the flavor that I'm looking for. And, I don't have a smoker or grill.. Or should I just give up on my idea and throw in a dehydrated ancho pepper and see how that works out?

Oh, and if anyone is interested the 5 gallons will be split: show mead, rosemary, vanilla/oak, hibiscus, bobby flay.
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Old 03-26-2013, 12:46 AM   #26
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You could also try with smoked malts.

I have some leftover Cherrywood Smoked Malt from an experiment in beer. So, in order to use it up, I'm going to modify one of Ken Schramm's recipes in the Compleat Mead Maker and substitute with some of the smoked malt.

The beer I made had an "ok" flavor with a kind of bacony aftertaste. Definitely made me think of BBQ.
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Smoke the honey. I built a smoker in my yard with an old garbage can and a old BBQ grate. Get a small hot fire burning in the middle, add some soaked chips and hot smoke something( chicken, veggies, steak, etc) then when it cools down, and its nice and cool and still smoking pretty good, put your honey in a ceramic casorole dish with the top open and smoke it to the desired level.

Although I would just smoke the peppers, but honey could be an interesting experiment

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