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So my trusty keezer is finally starting to crap the proverbial bed on me. I came home from work this morning (working night shift) wanting nothing more than I cold draught home brew. I pull a pint and much to my surprise it is pee warm. Like warmer than the outside hot. Basically my chest freezer was warming my beer not cooling it.

I took apart the side panel and the compressor was hot. Not burning hot but definetly hotter than it should be. Any ideas on how to fix this? I would rather not buy a new (read: used) chest freezer but I may have no other choice.

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It probably has a refrigerant leak. I just went through this with my chest freezer I was using as a fermenter. I ended up having to go with evaporative cooling to take it down about 10F.

I bought a bullet piercing valve and attached it to the compressor service line. I then tested the pressure. The pressure was low so I did a pressure test on the system. I never did find a leak however. I recharged with the exact ounces listed on the freezer and it's back to ice cold. My leak sniffer is not detecting any leaks. Pressure is unchanged. I left it in freezer mode and it's down to 0F already so all is well.

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If the compressor is running and it's not cooling it's most likely low on freon. It could be a bad compressor but it's not easy to tell. If it's 134a coolant, you can get a cheap set of gauges at harbor freight and a can a freon from the auto store. Most new systems are sealed and you will need a piercing valve like mentioned above to install the freon. I would not install any stop leak, it could just be a very small leak. Charge the system and see how long it goes.
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good suggestions from the above posters. It could be a very small leak so a recharge may get ya back in operation for quit a long time.

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My Keezer was working fine, until my keg kicked and i didn't have anything on deck. so I unplugged it and it sat for about 4-5 weeks. this past Saturday i plugged it in and put my keg of beer in it. well its not getting cold, the power light is on and the compressor light is on. I can hear the compressor running and it sounds like liquid is moving around through it.

here's the deal I plugged this keezer into an older power strip that had a mini fridge already plugged into it. I think once the keezer kicked on it was pulling more amps than the power strip was rated for. I noticed this when my beer fridge has a lot of water on it and the light wasn't coming on. the keezer lights were on and compressor was running. I plugged the keezer directly into the wall over night and this morning it wasn't cold.

I told my wife to unplug it and let it sit for a few hours. do you think it might need a few hours to cool down or "reset". keezer is the one in my signature and I really don't want to buy another one since I have all the granite work done to this one.

I think the bullet valve and re-charging the system is within my wheelhouse and something worth trying.

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