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Dec 2011
Indiana, Pennsylvania
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IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING: Please send an email to Pittgroupbuy@gmail.com with the following information...
~First & Last Name
~HBT Username
~Contact Number
~Confirm Paypal® address is the same as email using or give your Paypal® Address.
If I do not receive this information you will not gain access to the spreadsheet. If you have participated in the last buy you will already have access.
(All of the above information will be kept private. I will only contact you by phone if something may be out of stock and I need to get ahold of you quickly. I will also use your city's to post to a list so everyone can see where people are located. This can be used to carpool or have someone close to you pick up your grain. You will have to make arrangements with that person. Again I will not share info accept the city. Let me know if you do not want that to be shared.)

Here's the deal:

1. We need to fill at least one pallet which is about 42 sacks. If we go over we need to get as close to 84 sacks to make the shipping reasonable throughout the second pallet.
2. Buyers will have to come pick up their bags at the drop off location (Indiana, PA 15701). I will include the exact address when I send invoices
3. Payments will be accepted through PayPal® only because it is the easiest way to collect money from this many people. We cannot use the gift option to pay because my account was flagged for it last time. Therefore I will add the fee amount to you invoice. This will be about 4%

To see the catalogCLICK HERE
Password is: "greatmalt".
Use the 2000#-4000#pricing

If there is anything in the catalog that is not in the full bag or split bag that you would like please add it in the column on the first sheet using ID number and Malt Name. Please keep it uniform. I will go back in and add the estimated pricing as often as I can. Plan on $5-7 per sack shipping cost. This is already estimated into your total on the spreadsheet.

Quick Link to ORDER SHEET
We will use the same order sheet as the previous buy. Please use the link above after you have emailed the information required for access. I will check my emails daily for the most part. Please do not PM me as I have limited space for PM's.

After you have added your items to the sheep post it to the thread to help stimulate the buy!

Payments will be collected onece we have secured 42 or 84 sacks dependent on interest. If you have issues with paying via PayPal® contact me. If you do not make payment within 1 week from the time invoices are sent with actual pricing, you risk forfeiting your right to buy your grain on this buy. If you can't make your payment within 1 week, please contact me. Do this out of courtesy for the group.

1. Buy will be CLOSED
2. I will submit order for finalized pricing
3. Invoices will be sent
4. After all payments are received order will be placed
5. Will give everyone an ETA.
6. Pick up your grains and we all say cheers!

~Pickup address will be provided on invoices
~You, as the buyer, are responsible for picking up your grain or for making arrangements for someone else to pick it up for you.

Bring your invoice to the pick up location to help ease the process

Work out the details with your partners. Bring something to put your share in, weigh it out on site, and take your portion. Or, one of you picks up the whole sack and deal with the splitting on your own time. That’s your decision to make with you splitting partners.

~For reference a 5 gallon bucket, depending on the type of grain should hold about a half a sack of grain.

DONATIONS:The people who work these grain buys do a lot of back end work to make these buys go as smoothly as possible. If you would like to show your appreciation please feel free to leave a donation for them. The amount you donate will apply towards that persons grain tab.

My hopes are that we can close this buy near the end of July and have the grain paid for and shipped by mid August.

Pitt #3 Buyers & City:
Use this info to possibly carpool or pick up grains for each other.

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Dec 2011
Indiana, Pennsylvania
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If you participated in the last buy there is no need to email me your info again unless it has changed

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Thanks.. ready for some more grains.

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Mar 2012
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There doesn't seem to be much interest in this buy, I'm going in with the Philly buy.

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Apr 2010
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4 Sacks of 2-Row
1 Pilsen
1 Wheat
1/2 120
1/2 Rye
1/4 StarSan
+ Donation!

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Sep 2011
Massillon, OH
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Anyone in the Akron/Canton area interested in this buy? I'm considering making the trip out if a few others want in. Or if someone else wants to make the pickup I'll gladly throw in some gas money.

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Aug 2011
Pittsburgh, Pa
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I'm in for
2 bags 2-row
1 wheat
1 Vienna
1 Munich
1 pilsner
1 crystal 60

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Aug 2011
Solon, Ohio
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Originally Posted by jinx2004
Anyone in the Akron/Canton area interested in this buy? I'm considering making the trip out if a few others want in. Or if someone else wants to make the pickup I'll gladly throw in some gas money.
I'm in the Cleveland area and interested in the buy (3-4 bags). I can't make the trip to PA but would happily pitch in for gas.

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Feb 2012
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mine are on the sheet!! come on people lets get this going

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Dec 2011
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Something to keep in mind... With the drought in the Grain Belt this year, predictions are for up to 80% crop failure, what do you think that will do to the price of malt? Let's get this buy done before price increases!

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