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Originally Posted by Cromwell View Post
So, to plan for this, what's better? To use more sparge water and boil longer? To use even more grain and make a session beer from the third runnings? I don't think I even get 1.10 on first runnings.
I would personally just up the grain bill. I agree you probably wouldn't see 1.100 on first runnings, but even after complete collection for your barleywine there should be enough sugars for some sort of session beer.

Originally Posted by Cromwell View Post
And if you do boil longer, does that mean you wait maybe an hour (or more) before you add any hops? What if you want to do FWH - do you get additional bitterness from FWH if you boil for 2 hours?

Correct about traditional hopping, not sure about FWH, don't know enough about it to comment.

If you look up the barleywine style, some of them actually purposely boil for longer than and hour to carmelize sugars to add flavor vs adding specialty grains. Green flash barleywine boils for like 4 hours or something, and it's delicious.

If you decide to boil longer, you'll also be sparging more to make up for boil off, so it could be a win/win situation.

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Yes, there was still a lot of sugar left in the mash even after collecting 6.5 gallons for the Barley Wine. I ended up getting nearly 5 gallons of 1.040 wort that I bumped up with a little DME and made a smaller Pale Ale.

I have done big Belgians beers, even a Quad, and still hit my starting gravity but they all used candi syrup in the boil. I guess the next Barley Wine I will sparge MUCH MORE, use my keggle to handle the volume and boil longer.

I agree with you about the Green Flash Barley Wine. It is awesome and my wife's favorite.
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