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Feb 2011
Big Rapids, Michigan
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For me batch number 001 was terrible and I dumped it, an extract Mr. Beer kit. Batch 2 all grain my own recipe was great, the next 43 have just gotten better.
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Jan 2012
Rochester, NY
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Dumped my first batch . I didn't know what to sparge was, and simply added water until it hit 5 gallons. Worst beer ever.
Next one after that was a Blue Moon clone that I 1) under pitched and 2) over heated (fermented around 85). Awful taste so I let it sit for a month and drank it anyway once it settled a bit. Harsh, but not dumpable.

27 gallons later no need to dump

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Jun 2011
Auckland, nz
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I dumped on accidentally. Came home to find a leaking beer hose and a empty co2 tank

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Dec 2010
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i dumped my 2nd AG beer.. done a couple dozen since then and none that bad.. so i chalk it up to inexperience :-)
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Apr 2012
Draper, Utah
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My first 2 all grain. Temps got away from me and I'm sure i under-pitched, they turned into undrinkable fruity ester drain cleaners. Was horrible opening 10 gal of beer in 12oz bottles and dumping them down the drain. Since then I've got temp control taken care of and no problems (yet).

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Oct 2010
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I have dumped one batch from lacto. Out of hundreds!

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Nov 2011
Denton, TX
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My first batch never made it into bottles. 'Just followed a bunch of bad advice on that one. I just didn't want to drink it. The second batch was almost as bad. That made it into bottles, but it just tasted like you-know-what). After that they got better, but my extract beers were never very good (seriously browned from boiling on an electric stove, even with mostly late-addition DME--they tended to have a molasses aftertaste, too). I've seen the "never dump a batch" sticky, but I would rather have fun brewing again, correct my mistakes, and drink better beer in the end. It's win-win, IMO. The whole reason I homebrew is because I'm picky about my beer. I want to make stuff that I want to drink.

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Old 07-05-2012, 11:42 PM   #18
Jan 2012
Berkley, Michigan
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Originally Posted by spannaflicka View Post
I dumped on accidentally. Came home to find a leaking beer hose and a empty co2 tank

I lost the equivalent of a bottle or two of my first batch due to an insufficiently tightened spigot in my bottling bucket. Dripped constantly and quickly. Mad for a frenetic and stressful first bottling experience.
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Apr 2011
Denver, CO
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#2 was a dumper because I overcarbed all the bottles, lucky #13 was a dumper due to being just plain ol gross. It was my third all grain, no idea what happened. It was my second run at that recipe and was super bummed since the first one turned out really good. Everything's been spot on since then (fingers crossed!)

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Jun 2011
Montgomery, Illinois
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I have brewed probably about 10 - 15 batches.........I have dumped 3 - 5 for various reasons....Batch #2 tasted horrible....2 were saisons (discovered too late I dont like saisons)and I had a bad thermometer and had 2 beers in the pipe line brewed back to back that were hopefully the bad streak is over...

I have a Northern Brewer Farmhouse going right now (which is similar to saison) and a Barley Wine brewing right now.
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