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Oct 2011
Denver, CO
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Enough with the "They only had BMC at the Wedding Reception" threads. Have you ever actually been to a wedding where you had a great beer experience?

I went to a wedding this weekend. SWMBO and the bride were friends in High School, when SWMBO hosted a German exchange student. The student and the bride became best friends, so the exchange student and family were at the wedding.

At the reception, I was lucky enough to be called over when the German family broke out a treasure: a six pack of Reissdorf Kolsch, fresh from Cologne. In classic German style, we downed it in a large group, drinking a big toast every time someone else was poured a glass.

Has anyone else been surprised with great beer at a wedding reception recently?

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Aug 2011
Cincinnati, OH
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Couple of recent receptions have had Yuengling on tap. A step in the right direction over bud lite and miller lite

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Dec 2011
Dripping Springs, Texas
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At my buddy's wedding in Portland OR he had a keg of mac n Jack's African amber (my all time favorite beer from the pnw) and a keg of Sam Adams (for the bmc crowd I think). Oh and his rehearsal dinner afterparty was at rogue's public house the green dragon. It was an awesome weekend!

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Nov 2010
Arlington, VA
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My brothers wedding was a few weeks ago and he brewed and bottled 5 different styles of beer for it. They were all big hits. He was also lucky enough to be able to hand select other beer there like Stone IPA and Ruination.

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Jan 2012
Rochester Hills, Michigan
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I've seen blue moon served at recent wedding receptions, so that's a little better...

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May 2008
Camp Hill, PA
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In May I was at one of my fellow Troegs brewer's wedding, and he brewed a Kolsch-ish thing with American hops for it. Two half kegs of that, plus bottles of Pale Ale, Sunshine Pils, and Hopback. His beer was the best. And last year for my wedding, my wife and I homebrewed a stupid-huge imperial stout that we put in a bourbon barrel for a while. Everyone liked that, too. But otherwise, wedding beer selections are usually crap, save for the occasional one that has Sam Adams.
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Dec 2009
Durham, NC
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I had my wedding last fall with about 100 folks attending. I brewed up two 5-gallon batches for the toast. Then besides that the venue allowed a choice of 4 beers. From memory, I believe we had Sweetwater 420 & Blue (the wedding was in ATL), Rogue Hazelnut Brown, and Hoegarrden because I figured the BMC types would drink it. And nothing besides that except for wine! Apparently our wedding venue could only buy wholesale from one particular distributor so I didn't get most of my first choices on beer, but it was still great.

It was also entertaining as the bartenders were serving the Rogue Hazelnut Brown in 22-oz bombers without a glass (unless asked). So we had a lot of drunk folks on the dance floor prancing around with their bombers in hand!

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Old 07-02-2012, 05:14 PM   #8
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Jul 2011
Mission Viejo, CA
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I was at a wedding reception here:

I drank quite a bit (as they selection was *IMPRESSIVE*), and it was >2 years ago, so I don't recall everything they had... But I remember Victory, Unibroue, and several other stellar selections. It seemed like each time I walked up to the bar there were new craft bottles I hadn't seen the last time I walked up.

And, and you know what put the icing on the cake? OPEN BAR!

Good thing my [pregnant] wife was there to be DD!

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Dec 2008
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A good friend got married last year. He decided to rent a huge house near Breckenridge, CO for the wedding, the reception, and two days partying on either side. Of course, he would have to provide the booze.

I had the great pleasure of accompanying him to one of the massive beer stores we have around here. My friend (a real beer guy) proceeded to fill three shopping carts with whatever the hell he wanted with no consideration of price. It was truly amazing. There were probably 100 varieties between all the six packs, singles, bombers, and champagne bottles. Looking back on it, it would be easier to remember what he did not buy.

So yeah, the reception was a pretty good beer experience. My only regret is that my palate was utterly annihilated when I was trying some great beers for the first time.

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Dec 2010
Lancaster, PA
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i wish i was homebrewing when i got married.. i started that a couple years later.. we had Yuengling and Michelob AmberBock on tap, so i was happy
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