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Feb 2011
Santa Rosa, CA
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am i the only one that doesn't care for it?

just cracked my imperial rye saison and while it doesn't dominate, i have to say - it is my least favorite malt. pils comes through more than any other malt short of MO for me...

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Nov 2010
Mahopac, NY
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I'm curious as to what brand of pils you are using.
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Sep 2008
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I like Pils....as long as it right for the style of beer i.e. Belgians, lagers, wheats....
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Jul 2011
Mission Viejo, CA
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I like pilsner as well. I've found a lot of the light-malt beers I'd made in the past (blonde ales and the like) didn't quite do it for me when I was using just 2-row. They seemed "bland" from a malt characteristic. Now I usually put at least 50% pils in beers like that, and it's made everything much tastier.

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Jul 2008
Santa Rosa, CA
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Briess Pils is my favorite base malt. It's paler and milder than the European ones I've used, which seem to be stronger in the beany flavor.
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Nov 2011
denver, co
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Originally Posted by jtakacs View Post
am i the only one that doesn't care for it?

just cracked my imperial rye saison and while it doesn't dominate, i have to say - it is my least favorite malt. pils comes through more than any other malt short of MO for me...
How long are you boiling for?

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Beer Missionary
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Sep 2011
Burlington, WI
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I agree about pils ability to come through, and i didn't care for it either. That surprised me in my first batches with it considering how simple it is. Now that I'm overseas I can't get 2-row or pale ale malt easily. So I'm using pils in everything. In my batches here though, I don't notice that flavor, which without an old beer to taste again I'm not able to describe it. I'm now using Australian grown barley malted in China and bottled water. Before I used my well water and probably a continental malt, but it could have been Breiss (NB is my LHBS). I credit the change in water, since my well water is quite hard and high in iron more than give credit to my Chinese/Aussie malt.
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Old 07-02-2012, 02:52 PM   #8
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Jul 2006
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I'm considering skipping pale malts and going all pils malt (well also plus vienna, munich, wheat, etc.). I really like what I've been doing with lagers with everything from light and crisp to rich and creamy. I want to transfer that over to ales and see how they taste. Especially foam! I can generate massive rock steady foam in my lagers, but my pale malt driven ales don't come close. I also simply need to practice more with pale malt - that would help
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Jan 2009
Pearland, TX
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I love me some good continental pils malt. I agree with you that it really comes through the beer, but I actually love that about it. I use it as the dominant base malt in many of my beers.
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Dec 2011
Granger, IN
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I've wanted to try Pils in a few ales. I've been told you need a 90 minute boil to drive off the DMS. Is this true?

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