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Originally Posted by edroberts View Post
Apparently Rogue says a beard may be needed. They plan to brew a beer from yeast found their brewmaster's beard.
Yep, puked.

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I recently got a second job that requires me to be clean shaven. My beers have since become less and less incredible. My theory is that I had one for so long that some of it is carrying over but I fear I am "running on fumes". Maybe I need to take a 3 week hiatus from working and over fill my pipeline....
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this is the first I have heard of this.. but I have had a beard since before I started to brew. I have never got a stuck mash,infection or had a bad beer. so it must be true.

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I tried to brew without a beard once. It was BAD. For the love of good beer grow a beard. Please. Dont make bad beer,Dont tempt the beer gods.

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I think this should be a sticky under "General Techniques"
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My first batch was 2 years ago, a simple Mr Beer kit, and I was beardless. It was less than stellar, but drinkable due to the goatee I was sporting. I used the birth of my daughter this year as an excuse to stop shaving. Thankfully the SWMBO was so exhausted that there were no voiced complaints. Three months later and I'm up to 60 gallons of brewed goodness. Do not underestimate the power of the beard.

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the first time i hit the homebrew shop to buy all my initial supplies i told SWMBO: "based on what i've just witnessed, looks like i'm going to have to grow a beard". that almost put an end to my hobby before i had even started.

i do need to shave for work but i tend to shave as little as possible. by the time brew-day (aka saturday or sunday) rolls around i have a decent scruff going (work from home on fridays). i think it's been sufficient to fool the yeast into thinking i have a beard - or that i am on my way to growing one. while hard-working, yeast can be gullible at times.
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If a job required me to shave, it had better pay over 100k per year!

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My German's pretty rusty but flipping through my copy of the Reinheitsgebot just now, it looks like there's something about going gebearden un der brewday. Looks like the beard and brewing thing, it goes waaaaaay back.

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Beards never live up to one's expectations

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