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Originally Posted by new2brew1221
Being new to this, I did not take a big enough sample to get the og, so I was basing the week time frame for fermentation on the instructions that were in the kit. If it won't hurt things to let it sit longer than 6 days, and may actually clear it up then I have no problem waiting a few days longer. I was under the impression that when it stops bubbling then the fermentation was complete, and was ready to be bottled or kegged.
Bubbling in the airlock is generally a poor indicator of fermentation activity. A stable FG is probably the best way to go. Either way, I let all of my ales, regardless of OG, sit in primary for 14 days, at which point I keg and carb. I'll pour the first drinkable pint 5-7 days later. 3 weeks from grain to glass... oh yeah! Cheers.
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Originally Posted by Theis View Post
Krausen clogs up the airlock and pressure builds up until the lid blows off = big mess. Everyone has it happen to them at least once.
True, that. I was lucky when it first happened to me (in our previous house) - I had set the ferment bucket in the guest shower, which was tiled from floor to ceiling. When the lid blew it only sprayed the tile and so it was easy to clean.

So now you know what they mean when they say "You know you're a homebrewer if you've ever mopped your ceiling".

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So, if i take reading Friday and Saturday and they're the same, would I be safe to assume that fermentation is complete and the beer is ready for the keg? Or, should I wait a few more days to let it settle some and clear up? This is an American wheat beer that was put in the bucket Sunday afternoon. Thank you for the help and advice.

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