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I do this all the time -- I converted a small drink cooler to a mini bottling bucket by removing the valve and installing a bottling bucket type valve (I had to enlarge the hole somewhat). I bottle exactly the same as if I were doing a 5 gal batch (adjusting the corn sugar of course) -- boiling, cooling, etc. I use a small piece of siphon tubing on the end of the bottling bucket valve and then connect that directly to a bottling wand the same is with larger batches. and just tilt it at the end to avoid loosing any to the dead space. Hope that helps!

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I just did a simple sour recipe that's getting ready to bottle next month. It's been in a secondary since April with apricots and mangos. I just saw that I have to mix up 0.6oz. Of corn sugar but how much water should I boil? Should I divide 2c from 5 to 1 gal.? Also since it's been so long, what kind of yeast should I repitch with?

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I just found this thread when looking for tips on botteling my 1st 1gal batch i have fermenting and when i was reading all the tips i got simple idea of slowly pouring cold crashed beer on the wall of the botteling bucket and then bottle from there, i will try that when ready

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Originally Posted by Polboy View Post
slowly pouring cold crashed beer on the wall of the botteling bucket
that'll work but it's less than ideal, you'll be exposing your beer to a lot of oxygen. racking with a siphon of some sort would be better. most likely will not ruin your beer and who knows how overblown the whole oxygenation thing is... but if you can find an autosiphon, or even a plastic tube, i'd use that.
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My autosyphon seemed overkill, but how to start the syphon? I attached some vinyl tube to my bottling wand and filled the whole thing with starsan. I dropped the tube into the one gallon jug, held it right where I wanted it with a rubber band around the bottleneck and the tube, and bled the starsan into a spare bottle until my cider started flowing into the wand. Filled eight 12 oz. bottles in no time with very little trub.

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So using the calculator on Northern Brewer, for 1 gallon carbonated to 2.3 units, it says to use 0.7 ounces of sucrose. Does this sound right? Also, what volume would you dissolve this in, 1/2 cup of water?

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