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Originally Posted by Gear101 View Post
better yet next time fly over.. run out and start taking pics of them.. LOL
Haha, my wife did! She ran out and got a couple pictures as the chopper was flying away... but no sign of them after the initial "fly over"... more of a "fly over and linger..." No SWAT teams breaking down my door... no DEA tanks rolling onto my property... if this happens again I will be sure to get better pictures of the chopper license, and how close they are flying relative to my house, and make some phone calls... this is the 2nd year in a row. While I have nothing to hide, they were pretty damn close to my house, and even CLOSER to my hops trellis. The Drug chopper pilot thinks my hops plants are WEED and my neighbor thinks I am "growing green beans" on my dual hops trellis, both of which are 18' tall and 40' long. Haha, must be some magic effing beans!!!

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If this is truly becoming an issue I suggest you get the N-Number of the aircraft and note the date/time, then call the police you believe to be of local authority. Let them know about your hops. Also let them know that you have pictures of the helicopter flying/hovering significantly less than 500' and will call the local FAA or Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) next time.

Below is the local Michigan FSDO office numbers.

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post the pics I would like to see them
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i don't know...but if it was me i would transplant my marijuana plants in the neighbors yard..... that way when they do bring swat they will leave your hops alone...

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i remember when maverick's fly bys would spark the ire of everyone in the control tower. And his monkeyshines ultimately led to the demise of his very best friend, who was also a goose. You should see if they know that lesson of morality.
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Just a little FYI, marijuana/hops/corn/tomatoes do not give off IR heat/thermal image/IR signatures. Now the fact you were heating up your garage probably triggered the IR thermal imaging sensor. As for hovering over your hops, they are seeing if you are hiding anything among the hops. The do the same to people who plant grapes, or many other large plants planted in clusters. What the pilot was pointing was probably a camera mounted onto a pistol grip for easier operation... These are all speculations, except for one thing- hops don't create IR, IR is just another spectrum of light to "look around" with.

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Originally Posted by IrregularPulse View Post
It might be a good idea to call the police station and let them know what's going on. Tell them you don't appreciate their choppers damaging your hop plants and ask if they'd mind coming out so they can see for themselves what you're growing and put a stop to the nonsense. You have to think, when they come raiding your Weed crop, they're sure as shit going to confiscate that meth lab you say you brew beer with.

This is exactly what happened to me my very first year growing hops. We have several agencies who use choppers for spotting pot and one of them was the State Police. I called them and they did indeed show up that same day and said sorry and I said take a peak around if you want and they said no thanks and went on their merry way never to be seen again (at least in MY yard).
Also, they said they don't always look for pot in the flowering times either, this was when my bines were only 4' tall.

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