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Alright, So about a year ago, I brewed a Surly Smoke Clone, left it in secondary much too long, bottled it, and left it to carbonate. It never did. It's been in bottles for 8 months, and I'm finally getting around to reopening it and pouring it gently and quietly (into a funnel connected to a hose) back into a fermenter to repitch/carbonate it. I considered the idea of just opening each bottle and dropping a grain or two of champagne yeast into each, but I took a gravity reading of one of the bottles and it was damn near 1.030, and I've no interest in filling my basement with glass grenades. For this reason, I'm going to pitch a saved batch of Scottish Ale yeast I harvested into the fermenter with the dead beer. If it ferments more, cool, if it doesn't, cool. It's a much safer environment to reintroduce yeast to sugars.

My question for you folks, finally, is this: Should I aerate this repitched beer? Will it have enough oxygen for this yeast to get started again? Will aerating it needlessly oxidize this poor, neglected beer? I would be shaking the carboy to aerate.

Also, if anyone's ever been through this same ordeal and has any more specific advice to make the process go smoothly, I'd love to hear that too.

Today, these burning questions finally drove me to creating an account, and this here's my first post. I've been reading the forums for a few months, and I've learned an incredible amount about brewing. Thanks for being an excellent resource!

Finally, I just have to brag to someone who will appreciate the beauty of this morning's find. I saw a craigslist post this morning for a garage sale nearby that included homebrewing gear. I rushed over there immediately and scored THREE 5 gal. carboys for $4 each! I almost doubled my capacity for the cost of a few of pints at the pub! What a day!

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