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I am sick of doing small 1 gallon batches of Apfelwein / cider so I am going to brew a batch in my beer bin.

It holds 25 litres so I plan to make just that. I would ideally like it around 9-10%.

The juice I will use will be the general 100% apple juice from the supermarket.

10.3g of natural sugar per 100ml which by my calculations will be 2472g of sugar in the 24litres of juice(for a little head room for adding sugar I will use only 24)

Now does anyone know roughly how much extra sugar I need to add for the 9-10%.

Also since its a bigger batch should I be adding anything else except applejuice, sugar and my yeast?

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I make 5 gallon batches for EdWorts apfelwein and that is all I use. Juice, Sugar and yeast. And sometines cranberry juice.
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To get 9-10% ABV you need an OG of 1.07-1.075.

I always add yeast nutrient as well since juice alone doesn't have everything to make the process go smoothly. I have noticed with happy yeast I don't get the Rhino Farts as long or as bad as I did when I didn't use it. I use about a tablespoon at the start and about 1/2-3/4 tablespoon midway through fermentation (around day 4). Also add when needed dictated by unhappy yeast.

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I would estimate you will need close to 2500gm sugar, a tad less then that actually.

This is based on: looking at how much sugar (in grams/L) is in your product (2472gm in 24liters) Divide that by 18 gram (18 gram makes 1% alcohol) and then by 10% (for 10% alcohol) and you know how much wine you can make from this.
[2472/18=137.33/10 = 13.73 LITERS of a 10% PAC wine]
If you use the juice as is you would be able to make ~13liters, so if you double the sugar you will hit ~27 liters. So the rough estimate answer is "less than 2500 grams".

I know someone has another method, but that always works for me, along with using my hydrometer!
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I know when I make EdWort's apfelwein I consistently hit around 7.7% ABV. I usually use Tree Top apple juice. Last time I checked the SG of just the juice was 1.046. 1.046 will take you to 6% if you ferment down to 1.000. I remember one of my first batches I did 5 gallons of apple juice to 5 pounds of dextrose and it finished up around 11.5%. I'm sure the sugar content of the apples in the juice change a little bit, so I'm not sure if it'll always be the same SG, but that's about what I remember. So yea... about 4 pounds of sugar in a 5 gallon batch and you'll be around that 10% mark.
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