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Jan 2012
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I found a recipe on a sailing forum about a month ago, that is something like this.

2.5 litres of white rice
1 litre of raisins
0.5 litre sugar(this was omitted from the first recipe I found, but I believe sugar was supposed to be added)
25 litres of Water
tsp bread yeast

Making the wine
- Add ingredients.
- Seal tightly with cling film, sellotaped around lip.
- Swill (just once) every day.

Racking the wine
- When bubbles stop, syphon into another sterilised container.
- Seal tightly with cling film, sellotaped around lip.
- Swill (just once) every day.

Bottling the wine
- When all gases have stopped escaping (you'll know, cos the cling film stops swelling when you swill it), syphon into sterilised bottles


Has anyone ever done a recipe like this? I believe they mean to use uncooked rice, but I'm not sure because it doesnt say. Knowing what I know about starches and sugar I would think they you would want to use rice that has been mashed, right?

If they rice is supposed to be un-mashed, what is the purpose of adding it?
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Flaked rice is commonly used a "malt adjunct" in brewing. You can find it in the beer making supplies, or opt to use "instant rice". It is considered to provide a "neutral" flavor impact, and also provides a light color.

This recipe is close:
Rice 'n Raisin Wine
500g flaked rice
500g chopped raisins
1kg sugar
Rind and juice of 1 large lemon
4 litres water
Sherry yeast and nutrient.

Pour boiling water over the rice, raisins, sugar and lemon rind. Stir well to dissolve sugar and when cool add lemon juice, nutrient and active yeast. Ferment for a week, stirring daily then strain and ferment out till it finishes. Rack to a clean jar. Rack as often as necessary to reduce sediment and thereby improve the flavor. The wine is best finished slightly sweet, as it has a full body.

Taken from The Pan Book of Winemaking by B.C.A. Turner, 1964.
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Rice will not contribute anything to the way of fermentables. You would need enzymes for that. (Enzymes from barley converts the gelatinized rice to sugars for fermentation). With no conversion, you just get some starch and ricey flavor from the rice, so that your kilju-style wine isn't too off.
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