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Apr 2010
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Brewed a Lagunitas WTF clone today, everything went so well, hit all my numbers, couldn't have been happier. Chilled to about 80, then transferred to carboy and stuck in in my fermentation chest to cool the last few degrees off. I usually pitch right before I go to bed.

The gory details...

I had an awesome starter going of 2nd generation Dennys Fav 50 and it was at high kruesen in the flask, just beautiful. I like to spray the flask down with sanitizer before handling it, and after doing so, well... We all know what an Erlenmeyer flask is shaped like... It literally ejected it's self from my hand all over the basement floor. Now I have no yeast to pitch.

In emergency mode I crash cooled the fermenter to 35 degrees to save the wort.

The brew store opens at 9AM tomorrow, so if I pitch ASAP it will be about 16 hours since flameout.

Is this a lost cause?

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Jun 2012
Castro Valley, Ca
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Lost cause? No way.

I would have kept it at fermentation temp, sealed it up with a airlock till the morning.

How do you plan to heat it up in the morning?

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Jan 2010
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If your sanitation is good you can wait several days before pitching. Especially since you've chilled it down to the 30s. You'll be fine. You have plenty of time to make a new starter.

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Grab two packs of US-05 tomorrow, pitch, wait two weeks, drink. Done.

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Dec 2011
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I bet you'll be just fine but It all depends on your sanitation. If you were careful, you'll be good, and I'd be letting it warm back up.

It's not uncommon for my wort to sit that long before pitching, as I wait for my starter to be just right and make sure I'm chilled all the way to pitching temp before throwing them in.

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Oct 2009
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I once read about a homebrewer who liked to use the finished wort from his brew as the medium for his yeast starter. So he just stored the wort in the fridge for however many days it took until the starter was ready to pitch.

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Feb 2012
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Not all that different from pitching a single smack pack without a starter and having to wait 24-36 hours for the yeast to take off, which has happened to all of us. It'll be fine. Also a good reason to have a pack of Nottingham or Saf 05 on hand for just such occasions.
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Apr 2010
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OK well thanks for the encouragement, I went to the LHS and got a smack pack and since its a 1.070 wort I still made a small starter which I will let work a couple hours, so looks like Ill be pitching right at about the 24 hour mark. Wort is warming back up, its at about 60 now, and things look like they will fall in line.

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Jan 2012
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Let the starter go for a while. That's a high OG for a smack pack. You're sealed up, you'll be fine.
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