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Jun 2012
Wellington, New Zealand
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Hi all, i am new to this site so i hope i am posting in the right place...

Well, this is a request for help with a recipe as opposed to a recipe.

Recently i have acquired a taste for an odd Korean Alcohol,
which is a type of rice wine like a Sake.
Its called Makkoli and the stuff is absolutely disgusting,
Uncarbonated, milky rotten tasting stuff,
But there is one Brand, Kooksoondang,
And they make a lightly carbonated version called...
Kooksoondang Makkoli Draft,
I know this is considered a wine, but its around 6% lightly fizzy and tastes like a slightly sweet, milky beer, Sounds weird i know, But i love the stuff, and it is not available where i live in New Zealand.

So since returning from L.A where i used to pick it up at the Korean grocers i have been looking into making it myself...Tho with absolutely no idea where to start, i have found vague recipes for the tradition Makkoli, but what i am going for is to replicate this one brand.
So my challenge and Requst to you all, is to go out and get a bottle of this stuff, if you can find it, do a tasting and see if inspiration hits you,
It generally comes as clear liquid in a green tinted bottle with a lot of sediment at the bottom, you gently rotate the bottle until its a white milky colour

Here is a picture so you can be sure to pick the right product, i tried others and they where truly horrible!
If you can, give it a taste, I would personal consider it more or a beer then a wine,
and if any of you learned sage brewers out there would like to endeavor on an attempt at reproducing this stuff, i am in for the quest,
Its one of my favorite drinks..and im starting to miss the stuff.

So far all i know is its made with rice, and traditionally uses "Nuruk" a type of yeast. Tho the traditional stuff is rank, im looking at a replication and to damn with tradition, haha.

Is anyone out there familiar with this drink?
Id love to hear from anyone.

My apologies for a long and random first posting..Im just excited.
Also, i am your general Baby home brewer, i have done the generic home brew ales from a kit and this weekend i am attempting my first lager with a more experienced friend who has some better gear.

Thank you !

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