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Recipe Type: Partial Mash   
Yeast: Safale-US 05 (The dry 1056)   
Yeast Starter: No   
Additional Yeast or Yeast Starter: No   
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.9   
Original Gravity: 1.068   
Final Gravity: 1.013   
IBU: 55   
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60min   
Color: 10 SRM   
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 7 Days 67F   
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 14 Days 67F   

7 C's IPA, pretty straightforward, 7 'C' hops! A buddy and I split the batch, we wanted moderate to moderate-high bitterness, high hop flavor and a nice high hop aroma and a good punch to the beer to stand up to the hops.

This recipe is a partial mash with late extract addition and a smaller boil volume (3.5 gallons) so adjust your hopping accordingly!

Partial Mash:
4.0 lb Vienna 4.0L 35 ppg
1.0 lb Munich 8.0L 35 ppg
1.0 lb Crystal 40L 35 ppg

1.2 qts/lb of water and mash at 154F for 60 mins. Batch sparge with 170F water.

0.75 oz. Chinook Pellets 12.0%AA - 60 min
0.75 oz. Challenger Pellets 7.0%AA - 60min
0.75 oz. Cascade Pellets 5.8%AA - 60 min
0.34 oz. Columbus Pellets 14.8%AA - 25 min
0.34 oz. Crystal Pellets 5.1%AA - 25 min
0.33 oz. Columbus Pellets 14.8%AA - 20 min
0.33 oz. Crystal Pellets 5.1%AA - 20 min
0.33 oz. Columbus Pellets 14.8%AA - 15 min
0.33 oz. Crystal Pellets 5.1%AA - 15 min
Dry hop for 2 weeks in secondary with 1oz of each: Centennial Whole Hops, Columbus Whole Hops, and Cluster Whole Hops.

3.0 lb Mutons XLDME - 20 min remaining in boil
2.0 lb. Briess Pilsen DME - 20 min remaining boil

1 tsp. Irish Moss - 15min.

I started with just shy of 6.0 gallons of wort, the beer blew-off like mad, I lost almost 0.5 gallons! In addition a lot of sediment in primary and absorption of dry hops in secondary this only yielded 42 bottles.
7.3% ABV

The beer turned out great! We'll be enjoying today for the official unvieling at our 7-7-07 Party, but we sampled a few ahead of time.

The hop bitterness is what we wanted, moderate to moderate-high, very high hop flavor, hop aroma is good, but I wouldn't mind a bit more (next time I will add some hops around 5 mins). The beer is extremely smooth and sly for it's 7.3 % ABV, so sip away! mmmmm....hops!

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How much of the extract did you add late? I ask, because that hop schedule seems like it would give a lot more than 55 IBUs if a lot of the extract were added late.
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Feb 2006
Oregon, WI
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5 lb. of extract was added with 20 mins remaining of a 60 min boil. As far as IBUs, my 3.5 gallon brew size keeps utilization down, my spreadsheet I created says 59 IBUs and the recipator said 53 IBU, I went with a spilt. By the taste that seems reasonable, it might even be a bit lower.

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