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Mar 2012
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I ended up making a version of Viking Blod, there's a whole thread somewhere, with hibiscus, hops, caraway seeds and other goodies added in. Found up some of my buddies have wicked allergies to some of the spices (mostly juniper berries)

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Not to thread jack, but you bring up a real important point. If any vintner or brewer is doing mixes of multiple ingredients it would be smart to make sure your guests KNOW what's in it. People can have allergies to the darnedest things. Mine is yeast, mold, and fungus...our former next door neighbor is allergic to watermelon (I think I'd die) and my son is super allergic to...avocados. I can't drink gin because of juniper berries either, come to think of it.
Considering: Sparkling raspberry wine, carrot wine

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So far, so good.

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What about Swedish lingonberries? I recently found them on top shelf in grocery by the Oregon brand fruits. These are a product of Sweden, Roland brand and contents of 14.3oz/405gm jar are wild lingonberries, sugar, pectin...165gm sugar per jar and I paid $2.89/jar. Nothing more Nordic or Vikingess than a lingonberry. And they will not be available for long. I love them in yogurt, crepes, and on lefse....but am stockpiling some to dedicate to a mead.
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If you have an ikea in your area some of them sell frozen lingonberries
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Nov 2012
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Originally Posted by fatbloke
Well, two little tips........

If you pay good money for varietal honey, don't heat it (honey is already natures most anti-fungal, anti-septic substance. You think you're pasturising, all you're doing is evaporating away a lot of the aromatics and some of the more subtle flavour elements.

And, think of a better yeast. Yeasts sold as "mead yeast" are utter bollocks. The producers have no idea what would originally be used - probably bread yeast or wild yeasts. Plus the wyeast "sweet mead" is notoriously finicky and a pain to use. I've heard and read of more people having problems with it than successes.

It's relatively easy to make a nice, strong traditional one, then use selected fruit and/or spices to flavour the brew. Given the Viking theme, perhaps appropriate northern European herbs, fruit etc.

A yeast that would do the job, is one of the more easily available ones i.e. K1V-1116
Could you please elaborate on why the wyeast "sweet mead" is difficult to use? I just used it this afternoon in my first go at making mead.

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