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Dec 2011
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Another Pacific North West'er here. When I bring up brewing for the first time to people - they go nuts. They want to talk about the more famous microbreweries around like Mac & Jack's, Black Raven, etc. This is a nice little spot for the HB community.

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Jun 2012
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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
I had a thought knocking around in my head about this. I was at a beer dinner at a local restaurant and the head brewer from the featured brewery was there. He said "It used to be that the only thing you could pair with beer was pizza" and went on to talk about how craft brewing has become so sophisticated that we can make incredible pairings with food.

I bet we could get through to at least some of these nitwits with that kind of talk. "I've carefully crafted a beer recipe that pairs perfectly with my BBQ ribs/secret chili recipe/herb roasted chicken/homemade knackwurst/grilled salmon etc. and the whole family loves it"
I'm new to the forum and am still waiting my brew kit for the first go but one thing I know is...... I can't think of anything a crafted beer doesn't go with.

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Feb 2012
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When I told my parents i was home brewing, the first reaction from my dad was, "where is it?" I went home and brought back a six pack, and it was gone in less than an hour, between my dad, my BIL, and myself. Now, whenever we have a family function, I usually bring the beer. Others here are usually very curious and ask tons of questions, but I still get that look, like "you must be a raging alcoholic" from others. I usually just ignore people that either don't know what good beer is, or that think beer is just a cheap drunk.
On a good note, I got 2 or 3 guys here at work started brewing, so now I'm not the only one that gets requests to brew a BL clone.

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Originally Posted by jrodskreet View Post
I get it some too. One case in point.

Upon returning from my deployment to Iraq we had a 90 day post deployment health assessment. I told the Physician I drank 2 at night and 5 or 6 on the weekends. Which was the truth. So he put it into his calculator and voila I'm a raging alcoholic (per Army standards). Well needless to say I was set up with counseling. Not only that but my command gave me a nice chewing out for being honest and not giving the standard answer of "none". So, yeah, now I try not to tell many people about this.
I was homebrewing before I joined the Army. When I was doing the ridiculous amount of paperwork at the recruiter's office, I came to the question about how much you drink and the recruiter told me to just put "none" so I didn't get a psych evaluation. I didn't tell him that the Army would probably think I was a raging alcoholic because I drank 1-2 beers a day.

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Jun 2005
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Originally Posted by MultumInParvo View Post
Says the guy from Eugene OR. Of course!
One of the MANY reasons I live in this great place!
Life begins at 60....1.060, that is! - "Homebrew All Stars" now shipping!

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I sell wine for a living, and brew beer on the weekends, so I'm pretty much a Social Pariah around here.

When I tell people what I do, they look at me strangely with a sort of "Oh you poor thing, I'll pray for you" kind of look.

The way I look at it, if all the brewers are going to hell, at least there'll be some good stuff to drink
"Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn't drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, It is better that I drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver."

~Jack Handey

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One idea is to find a community of homebrewers and craft beer appreciators and hang out with them. For me, that's my local homebrew club - its been great to make friendships there, with people who are a part of the same culture (beer culture) as I am.

Look, there will always be the unenlightened. There is a couple we occasionally have dinner with, and he's very condescending about beer - he thinks home-brewed beer and craft beer is low quality because its not like Miller Lite. But I know he's an idiot (he's narrow and provincial in other ways, too) and I've got plenty of beer-making friends who more than counter-balance.

Cheers for beers . . .

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Feb 2012
Cowpens, SC
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My friends think it's awesome and some of them usually come over on brew day. I haven't really had any negative feedback from anybody yet. Which is surprising seeing that I'm in the south and there's a TON of southern baptists here. Most of them are stuck in the mind set that any alcohol is bad, and you'll be a raging hooligan after taking a sip. I actually kind of enjoy some of the looks I get from older people when they find out I brew.

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Apr 2012
memphis, TN
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I'm in Memphis and everyone I've been around loves the idea of homebrew. People on the fence I give a brew to and they are hooked. I usually wouldn't give them a porter, but something lighter like a summer ale and they love it. Several have been over to the house when I did a homebrew and will probably start homebrewing soon.
I'm also in the military,
I had an interview with the psych and he asked me if we lined up all the beer I drink in a week, how much would be on the table. I told him 6 or 7. He reminded me that honesty was the best policy. I told him we'd need a bigger table.
He laughed and I screened favorably.

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May 2012
Greenville, SC
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I would say that the south is revitalizing its historically pro alcohol stance. With many breweries opening up in the southern appalachian mountains (Asheville nc), I believe people are tapping into the mountain spirit of I can make it and I don't need your help or permission. Also this area was settled by scoth-Irish and Germans whose roots run deep. The first person I met that brewed his own beer was my pastor. Now at his church in Utah he brews it in the church basement and locks the carboys up in the nursery closet. Most churches around here that are reformed in nature realize the ideas of the reformation were hatched in a bar and we look to keep that tradition alive.

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