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Originally Posted by Silentnoiz View Post
I'm in a similar situation as the OP. Brewed an AG IIPA (~8.7%), used WLP007, cold crashed before bottling, and did add the usual priming sugar. It has been in bottles at room temp (~75F) for 4 weeks now. It tastes good, but it is flat. I kegged and force-carb'd a portion of this same batch, and it turned out amazing.

I'm considering 2 options:

1 - Take all of the bottles, open them, siphon them into a keg (cleaned and sanitized of course) quietly (so as to limit the exposure to oxygen), add some leaf hops in a hop bag in the keg (thinking it would guard against potential infections), purge the keg's headspace with CO2, and then get the force-carb in motion.

2 - Slightly agitate the bottles to get the yeasty sediment back in suspension, and let sit at room temp for a few more weeks.

It seems the consensus is to take the route of option #2, which is what I'll try. If it doesn't work, I can go with option #1. Any thoughts on doing #1?

Thanks in advance for any insight.
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People will tell you not to do it and that you will ruin your beer. I had a DIPA that was flat as beer can be after 8 -10 weeks in the bottle. All I can think is that I forgot to prime, although I can swear I remember doing so. Anyway, I was unwilling to wait any longer for a beer that I think is best fresh so I emptied all that I had left (we had gone through a few taste tests between weeks three and ten) into a sanitized keg, force carbonated it and we drank it. I do not doubt that it is possible to oxidize beer and have it taste like cardboard, but this beer tasted great and the keg was gone in less than 10 days. I would do it again with that style beer.

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Bump. Dirty, how did you get the beer into the keg? Siphon each bottle or shoot some CO2 in and pour? I've got some bottled APA that's flat as a board after 3+ weeks. You can sense a little carbonation if you're really looking for it, but that's it. I can't imagine it making much improvement with age.

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I've noticed beer that I don't rack (from primary to bottling) carbonate in 7-10 days. Beers that I rack take at LEAST two weeks, sometime more. I would assume this is due to more yeast being around in the non-racked beer.
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