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Mar 2007
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Could anyone tell me what type of welding equipment one would need to weld a stainless steel coupling into a hole on a stainless steal 40 quart pot?

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Jul 2006
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Preferably TIG with pure Argon (or Helium/Argon), 308, 309, or 316 rod, and the ability effectively back-gas. If you can't back-gas, you need a flux intended for stainless to protect the back of the weld (Solarflux is my product of choice).

It's possible to gas weld stainless, and there are some MIG wire alloys available as well, but you'll still need to back-gas or use flux.
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Take Yuri's advise or get it done professionally or you will end up with welds that look like this. If you do have someone do it, find a welder that truly understands what a sanitary weld is. The guy I found said he did, but as you can see, he didn't!


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what yuri said tigs the only way to fly i feel sorry for you john that looks **** house
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Mar 2007
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Thanks guys

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Lil' Sparky
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I thought I had seen someone also say that you can silver solder a coupling to a SS pot/keg. Is that acceptable? Strong enough? Do it the same way as with copper?

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mr x
May 2007
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I've been told by welders that you can silver solder ss, but it's not easy for novices.

I'd just use nipples, couplings, gaskets and lock rings.

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Yes you can silver solder couplings to the pots, 56% silver solder, staysilv flux and a propane torch are all that is needed. Apply heat slowly and watch as the flux changes from white to clear, test with solder. If the joint gets hotter than a dull red the nickel in the stainless will turn black and have to be sanded bright before you can start over. The melt point on the solder is about 1050 deg, strength is nearly that of tig welding and can be done with a propane or mapp gas torch.

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I've silver soldered couplers to 3 different SS pots with no problems. I don't know if a straight MAPP torch is enough heat. I've done thin sheet SS with straight MAPP. For the pots I used one of those mini torches that use small O2 cylinders - the same size as the standard MAPP cylinder. Even then it takes a little bit of time to get the coupler hot enough.

The little torches run through a lot of O2, you might get 15 min. operating time on an O2 tank (~$8 bucks ea.). Took me about 2 min per fitting. They barely put out enough heat to weld 3/32 sheet steel. On the plus side, it can be McGivered up to use as an oxygenator for your wort.

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