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I'm on my third batch of Irish Red, attempting to replicate the first (which, incidentally was my first batch ever). The subject yeast is Wyeast 1084, Irish Ale.

My first batch I pitched at 55 degrees, which was an accident. I chilled the kettle in an ice bath and poured refrigerated water to top off. The guys at my shop mentioned both, but neglected to mention that I do one or the other. Anyhow, this resulted in an unexpectedly low pitching temp, so I let the fermenter set at room temperature before placing in a swamp cooler the next morning. Once in the cooler, I maintained between 58-62 degrees the entire time, one week in primary and one week in secondary. The result was incredibly smooth, and malty brew with ZERO spiciness. Beautiful beer.

On my third attempt (current batch) I pitched around 70 and maintained my temp controller at 58 degrees (slightly cooler than my target assuming a slight differential in the fermenter). When I racked to secondary I was pleased with the taste, but at bottling I tasted some spiciness. Is my pitch temp to blame? I just don't want to keep chasing the end of a rainbow: I want it reduced to science so I can replicate. Thoughts and help are appreciated!

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Yes, to reduce potential off flavors, pitch the yeast at or below your expected fermentation temps. So, if you're looking for 62 degree fermentation, then pitch at 62 (or a few degrees lower and let it come up).

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