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Jun 2011
Nottingham, MD
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So I spent the day yesterday brewing a hefe and had a few friends over. While brewing...and after...I was drinking homebrews, including a 14%er, and scotch like it was water. Cleanup was lackluster and recovery today was slow. This evening I was cleaning up and opened my mash tun with the grains still inside and almost lost my lunch and dinner. That was the most disgusting smell ever. Now I know to always clean my tun the day of the brew. I'm sure there are some out there that have done this too, but hopefully this can prevent at least one fellow brewer from suffering the same olfactory event.
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Sour mash. You were half way to making a berliner weisse.
- Andrew

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Feb 2012
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I was just trying to explain that rancid smell to my wife this evening. Just god awful! I about charfed trying to dump it into the compost.

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Old 06-04-2012, 01:35 AM   #4
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Feb 2010
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I've heard it described as a dead animal covered in vomit. I confess I did it early on. Once. Just once.

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Jan 2009
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happened to me once too, i had to air out my mash tun for a week.
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Sep 2010
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I did this once, too. I knew it would be bad....I just didn't know how bad! I cleaned it up but that smell seemed to linger on and on and on!
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Nov 2009
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Only once for me as well. Rotting potatoes are pretty fine smelling too.

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Old 06-04-2012, 02:04 AM   #8
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Aug 2011
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Yep. I did cleanup and put my spent grains in a 5-gallon bucket and moved outside. Forgot about it. The sun hit it for most of the day. I decided to take it to the lake to "feed the fish" and dump it.

The smell reminded me of my college days when vomiting after a night of tequila and Taco Bell... This is the same nasty smell that started a chain reaction of vomiting. One guy started. Others smelled it, then they vomited... and on and on... not a pretty sight!

I don't think any fish ate the grains. LOL
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Jun 2011
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Everyone does it once. After that you know better!

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May 2011
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I have yet to have this happen. Hopefully I don't ever let it happen..
I heard it smells like a used diaper full of indian food...
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