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Originally Posted by RedBeard1 View Post
When I bartended, we sometimes had problems. Pouring a bleach solution down sink and floor drains always helped, and check for bits of junk in the bottom of the trash can, under the bag. Anything fruity or yeasty will draw them.
We even had gnats make their way into liquor and cordial bottles that had metal pour spouts without the flaps.


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Are they gnats or fruit flies? If they are fruit flies you are going to really have to keep after it.(I had an infestation in my kitchen once after a vacation) They lay eggs in your drains and will continue to hatch and lay more eggs. It is a tough battle to get rid of them. You have to keep everything clean. Get rid of stuff that might attract them. Bag up all fruit peelings and rinds, breads etc etc. Spray the crap out of your trash can. Don't put any soda cans or beer bottles or cans in your garage that haven't been rinsed etc etc. If you start to get a handle on it and let it slip, you will be right back at square one.

You can also leave bowls with a little red wine in them around. It will attract and catch the adult flies, but until you get all of them and there are no more eggs, they will come back.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by TyTanium View Post
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Are they drainflies? I'd never seen them until a few years ago, at work.

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another solution might be to install a ceiling fan in the garage. a little breeze makes it hard for small bugs to hang around. it helped with the mosquitoes on my porch.

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I have the ceiling fan. It doesn't help much cause it is about 15 ft away from sitting area. I do have a pedestal fan that I use at the end of the table, while company is over. This keeps enough wind blowing across table that the little buggers can't land on beer mugs as easily.

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