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Dec 2011
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I would do a FWH with centennial or cascade. I recently did a very hoppy american wheat and tried FWH for the first time and I am amazed at the flavor I got out of the beer. I think I will be doing a FWH on all my hop forward beers in the future.

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Jun 2011
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Yeah, like Piratwolf said, mash lower. I'd go around 150, 152 max.

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Sep 2011
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Originally Posted by Piratwolf View Post
I have a few thoughts, FWIW:

1) Mash a little lower. With 1# of C40 and 154, you'll have a pretty substantial body. While I like the taste, that combo makes it hard for me to have more than one. I'd probably go with 149-150 to get a lower FG. Maybe add some sugar as well... .5# to up the ABV and drop the FG a touch more. Not everyone agrees, though.

2) Why Liberty? Not against it, just curious to me in that mixture.

3) I happen to really like Chinook, but it's not for everyone. Unless you really know & like it, I'd probably flip the Chinook and Centennial additions. My approach would be: 60-Chinook; 15 (or 10)-Centennial; 5-Cascade; 1-Liberty; DH-Centennial.

4) Make a 500ml starter about 24hrs before you plan to pitch--get that fermentation off on a healthy, wort-shredding start to keep it clean and crisp.

5) Ferment at 65-67 and keep in the primary for two weeks; if you want to do a secondary to clear it, transfer & cold crash for a week, then prime & bottle.

Cheers & hoppy brewing!
Thanks for the advice.

1. I kind of like medium body beers. I just drink one or two and I'm done. I'm not the kind of guy that likes to pound a sixpack at a time.

2. I already decided the Liberty hops is out.

3. I love Chinook. The Northern Brewer Chinook IPA is one of my favorite recipe kits.

4. Starter is already sitting on the stir plate bubbling away.

5. This is pretty much my plan. I'll probably keep it in primary for 2 weeks and then transfer to secondary and dry hop it a week and then cold crash it.

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Sounds delicious! Sorry if any of my advice was redundant!
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Sep 2011
Katy, TX
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Just wanted to say thanks and let you guys know brew day went awesome! I incorporated a lot of the advice in this thread and I think my IPA is going to turn out great.

I lowered the mash temp to 152 F. Friday night I stopped at the LHBS on the way home and bought some extra hops. This is the hop schedule I decided on.

60 min - 1 oz Centennial
15 min - 0.5 oz Chinook
5 min - 0.5 oz Chinook
1 min - 1 oz Citra, 1 oz Cascade
Dry hop 7 days - 1 oz Cascade, 1 oz Centennial

I also added a pound of corn sugar at flameout to boost the ABV. Hit my target gravity right on the money. So according to iBrewmaster my IPA will 6.5% ABV and my IBU's will be 59. Can't wait to try this!

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Nov 2011
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Yum, sounds fantastic!

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6.5%, 59IBU, and lots of late and dry-hops. I think this will be delicious!

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Originally Posted by planetscott View Post
If you can get it, Mikkeller sells single hopped IPAs. My home brew club did a tasting. We had 12 of the 16 available. Each beer was hopped with just one hop variety. It was interesting to taste the differences. It's a less expensive way to experiment with hops trying to determine which hop you like, however, brewing is fun.....
I had the Bravo IPA on Jester King's guest tap at their brewery. It was pretty good, even though I don't generally like IPAs.

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Looks to be a nice solid IPA!
regularly brewed ales:
Hopostle single IPA
Hopostle double IPA
Brooklynn Brew Saison (every summer)

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Sep 2011
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Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know I cracked open the first bottle of this brew I called "Dumpster Fire IPA" this weekend and it was absolutely AMAZING. It was exactly what I was going for. Medium body with a nice basic malt flavor. The hops don't punch you in the face, but it's a nice firm slap that gets your attention. Kind of what I was going for since most of my wife and friends are new to craft beer and can't really handle the hop bombs yet. Easily my best brew so far and given the fact it's a unique recipe I put together with some help from my friends on this board makes it even better.

In case anyone is interested and doesn't feel like going back to decypher all of the changes I made, here is the final recipe I settled on.

Malt Ingredients
11 lbs. Pale 2-Row
1 lb. Caramel 40L
1 lb. Corn Sugar (added at flameout)

Mash Schedule
15 qt. at 150 F for 60 mins
Batch sparge twice with 2.5 gallons at 175 F

Boil Schedule
60 - 1 oz Centennial
15 - 0.5 oz Chinook, Irish Moss
5 - 0.5 oz. Chinook
1 - 1 oz. Citra, 1 oz. Cascade
Dry Hop (Last 7 days) - 1 oz. Cascade, 1 oz. Centennial

I used Wyeast 1056 and made a 1 L starter the day before.
14 days in primary at 65 F
7 days in secondary at 68 F (with the dry hop additions listed above)

I carbonated it naturally in the bottle with 3.8 oz. of table sugar and kept it at 75 F. It was fully carbonated after 2 weeks.

Cheers Guys!

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