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so I made a pretty pottent Welches White Wine I didn't take a OG since it was my first expirement 4 months ago, but guessing it was around 1.12-13 (12 cans of Concentrate 10# of surgar about 5.5 gallon batch(I know I know) it is right now clear and ready to bottle at 1.00 or so. I kinda like it its not dry as a bone but not sweat like the wines my wife likes.

I'm thinking of bottling most of it as is and letting it age, I think this could be pretty decent around xmas. but I want to use 3 of my corkable 1.5 liter bottles and make a sangria that will keep for parties this summer. anyone have a good idea of what to mix this with then bottle it? its been stablized so no worries of refermentation, I know traditionally its real fruit your supposed to use, but thinking maybe doing some mix of fruit juice (maybe concentrate?) to get the desired effect. My wife really likes the cheap charle's rossi sangria to get an idea of my target.
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Depending on the flavor profile you want to go with would be the answer. If it were mine, I would be more inclined to fortify it with a flavorful schnapps and/or vodka to build the flavor profile and boost the alcohol content since you will dilute when you prepare the sangria. Then uncork the bottle and add your frozen concentrate(s) and frozen fruit to the serving container along with a carbonated lemon-lime soda, etc.

I had a Cornucopia White Coconut Frascati that I used as the base for 3+ gallons of sangria. Added some peach schnapps and homemade limoncello to it to bump up the volume, and used frozen concentrates and fruit to make an "ice ring". Used a silicone bundt cake pan as the form for the "ice ring", adding the semi-thawed concentrates a layer of flavor at a time. Used Pina Colada concentrate, then pineapple chunks and mandarin oranges, then Strawberry Breeze Concentrate, topped the ring with thinly sliced lemons and limes & made sure that ring was frozen solid. Make sure all wine and liquor is kept ice cold until ready to assemble. Upon "assembly" in the 3 gallon dispenser I added 2 gallons of the wine, 2/3 of the liquor, 2/3 of the soda and the ice ring, topped up with the remaining ingredients when there was enough room for it all to be added.

I have 2 gallons of this wine left and actually plan on bottling it, fortified with the liquors of my choice with a label that provides "instructions" on how to make sangria from the provided bottle. It was the hit of the party!
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