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Jun 2007
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Don't you hate it when you go to a brewpub and order a beer only to get a beer that just isn't that good?

I went to a place over the weekend and ordered their IPA. I had to send it back it was so bad. The beer either had an infection or their lines needed cleaned badly.

The second beer was just ok. Both mine and my wife's beer were fairly flat and had no head whatsoever. They obviously don't know how to balance their system.

It was just sad. If you're going to run a brewpub, at least bother to know what the hell you're doing.
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Nov 2009
Westminster, CO
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Whenever I travel, I always do research on the brewpubs and breweries I plan to visit. Unfortunately, this past January when I was in Winter Park, CO, there was nothing decent nearby. I bit the bullet and took a chance on one in town. It wasn't bad, but it was rather bland. Also, they served it in frozen mugs so I had to wait for a pretty long time for it to warm up before I could even taste anything.
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Most people suck at their jobs. That's a fact no matter what industry it is. Most restaurants suck. Most brewpubs suck. Most people don't really care if their beer is bad, so the sucky brewpub can usually stay in business.

I agree that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right, but for some brewpubs they just see the high margin on house-made beer. Never-mind the additional capital expenses and labor.
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May 2012
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On one hand, it does suck, but on the other hand, it makes me feel good that I can brew better beer.

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Originally Posted by turkeyjerky214 View Post
Also, they served it in frozen mugs so I had to wait for a pretty long time for it to warm up before I could even taste anything.
There's a sports bar near me that serves all beers in frozen schooners. I remember loving that 10 years ago when I was ordering Coors Light, but when I order a Stone IPA I don't want it to come to me partially frozen. Other than that it's a great place, I just need to remember to ask for a room temp glass.

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Yeah, there's a few sub-par brewpubs in Metro Detroit. But it balances out by the great ones, like Dragonmead.
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May 2010
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I had this happen at a local restuarant. Got my beer completely flat, hold it up to the light, not one bubble. I tell them and order a different beer. Completely flat. You would think after showing them the first one was flat they would look at the second one before bringing it out. The waitress said she had the "GUY" check it and every thing was OK. I ordered a bottle, and havent beer back since.

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Nov 2011
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There was a thread last week about a brewpub in Santa Rosa, CA. It was determined that they don't, in fact, suck.

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Sep 2009
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I ALWAYS get tasters/tasting flight if it's a brewery I have never been too.....I'd rather have a few ozs of **** beer, not 16.

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Mar 2012
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The one in Santa Rosa was Russian River which makes awesome beer anyways. I think that was more a complaint about them trying to make money off of people. Which it was confirmed that it was a "business" that was supposed to try to make money. I am about to move to Seattle and am pretty excited for the brewpubs up there. I am currently in Chico where Sierra Nevada definitely takes very special care with serving there stuff properly.
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