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Base 2 row will give you 36 gravity points per pound of grain in a gallon of water at 100% efficiency. So that's 3.6 points per pound in a 10 gallon batch. For a 1.060 beer you would need 16.66 lbs of grain if you were getting all of the sugars out. Since most of us don't get 100% of the sugar and actually get closer to 70ish % (some more some less) then you would divide the grain by .7, which give you 23.8 lbs.

For a mash at 1.25 qts/lb you'd use about 30 qts of water and after absorption would get almost 5 gallons of wort out. You would then sparge with around 7 gallons of water to account for boil off. The end result would be a wort at around 1.060.

I agree with the others that your questions indicate that you have some reading to do. You really need to understand ppg for recipe development, as well as mash water volumes. Also brewing software really helps out and avoids manual calculations, especially with strike water temps.

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A couple of pretty solid responses from the last two posters.

As a side note, I'd highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Designing Great Beers. Alot of it was way over my head the first couple of times I tried to pick it up but the third time I was sucked in. Some pretty great info on all kinds of aspects of brewing and I found the chapter on mashes to be particularly helpful.

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Originally Posted by mkarnas View Post
Already brewed extract for a year and have How to Brew by Palmer. It doesn't talk about brewing all grain too much. I also have palmers Brewing Classic Styles and I could simply read the recipe but I wanted an understanding of why some instructions tell you to sparge until you get to your volume. That would just dilute the wort and thus lower OG. Here's another way of looking at my question. How much water should you sparge?
If you compare several AG recipies it seems that *most* call for about 2 LB grain per gallon, or 10 lbs for 5 gallon batch. If you have a mash tun large enough to fit 10 lbs grain PLUS 5 gallons water after accounting for deisplacement and absorbtion, feel free to do a single infusion. If you need more volume after your first runnings are out, don't you think it would be better to add water that has been run through the grains than adding plain tap water? The sparge gives your grains a second opportunity to give up their malty goodness. Try tasting the grains after the first runnings are out and again after the sparge. They should taste slightly sweet after the first runnings and nearly tasteless after the sparge.

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