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Looking for input in what kind of water/grain ratios you use for mashing.

I do single batch spathe and most software apps default to 1.25qt/lb. been following that but I'm getting very low volumes on my mash out, which means I need a large volume on my sparge. Lately my OGs have been low. Noticed in Palmers book, he references higher ratios.

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I used 1.25 when I was working from online calculators. I have since been using Beersmith2 for the last 5-6 batches and just use what it says. I haven't looked to see what the ratio is.

I had no problems with low OG when using 1.25.

Did you change the way your grain is crushed?

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From Palmer's How to Brew:
"The grist/water ratio is the least significant factor influencing the performance of the mash. A thinner mash of more than 2 quarts of water per pound of grain dilutes the relative concentration of the enzymes, slowing the conversion, and leads to quicker denaturating, but could ultimately lead to a more fermentable mash, because the enzymes are not inhibited by a high concentration of sugars. A stiff mash of less than 1.25 quarts of water per pount is better for protein breakdown and results in a faster overall starch conversion, but the resultant sugars may be less fermentable and could result in a sweeter, maltier beer."
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I used to get 65% eff from my mash. Then I started mashing thinner (1.25) and making some minor mineral additions and now I'm usually around 76-78%.

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I mash with 1.25-1.5qt per pound of grain. How much depends on the amount of grain and how BeerSmith calculates it. I round to the nearest quart to make it easier on me. Works really well that way.
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