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Saw cam lock quick connect fittings on this site: http://www.proflowdynamics.com/. Any reasons why aluminum fittings would be a bad idea? I know an aluminum boil kettle is supposed to leave a bad taste or something, but what about a fitting that the wort is only passing through on the way to the heat exchanger?

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Somewhat depends on your cleaning regimen. I wouldn't think CIP and aluminum go well together.

The stainless fittings are relatively inexpensive and pretty much bulletproof wrt cleaning products...


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I use an aluminum kettle, and it leaves no "bad taste or something".

I also use the aluminum pro flow dynamics cam locks.

I have had no issue with them.


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Feb 2012
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I also have the pro-flow aluminum cam locks. Just buy the silicon gaskets (about 25 cents each) to replace the original rubber gaskets on the female connections and they will work great.

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Aluminum cam locks are a lot cheaper than the SS cam locks and work just fine.
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aluminium is not compatable with caustic soda so this is a limitation for your cleaning.

Then of course the potential health risks

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In the grand scheme of the cost of a brewery system, it hardly seems like a place to really save a lot of money. However if it means the difference between having quick disconnects and not having them, I'm sure they'll be fine.
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My concern with Al camlocks is heat distortion of the seating face inside the female fittings. Maybe as suggested the silicon washers are slightly thicker and take up any slack, but my stainless fittings from Bargain Fittings was pretty darn cheap. I think I got 10 male with male and female threaded pipe conections, a few hose barbs and a few female cam lock ends for around 50 bucks. I figure as I upgrade, rebuild and modify I will never have to replace them and can just continue to add to the collection as needed. But I am one of those who keeps a spare for just about everything just in case I get a leak or a crack in the heat of the battle too. Everything in my system has a male camlock fitting on the valve or pump and the hoses have the female ends only on them, that way I only have to move a hose from place to place and only worry about air when attatching to my march pump for moving hot liquids up against the power of gravity. So far I have tested the system with water only because I am working on an automation board with digital and analog logic and dont want to waste expensive ingredients with an unproven design. I am also building the tower to be wheel chair freindly and accessable for a person with limited standing ability and no lifting ability atall. So all in all a pretty tall order, but a task that I have had great fun designing and building from the ground up. If you would like some pics of the system LMK and I will be glad to add them to your PM inbox. I have also posted some of them on the forum, but I have forgotten where now. Have fun and brew on, just dont forget to post up some pics as you go.
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Originally Posted by jCOSbrew View Post
I also have the pro-flow aluminum cam locks. Just buy the silicon gaskets (about 25 cents each) to replace the original rubber gaskets on the female connections and they will work great.
i bought the (extra) silicone gaskets with my order from proflow and was surprised to find that the gaskets on the female connectors were already silicone.

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