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Feb 2012
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Howdy, folks. I have a two tap kegerator. My wife bought me some beautiful, fairly heavy, wooden tap handles for Christmas. The two standard faucets were sticking every few days, so I started squirting them up the spout with a Star-San solution at the end of a day when were finished pouring.

That worked fine to prevent sticking, but I found it annoying that I had to do that just to use the taps. After researching this online, I decided to purchase a couple of stainless Perlick 575SS faucets.

The action on these faucets is very light, such that it was a little tricky to get them set up with the wooden tap handles so they didnít pour on their own. Iíve been using them a couple of weeks. There are occasions when the faucets are inclined to drip a bit after pouring. I never experienced that with the standard faucets: Off was off, period.

This morning, all on its own, one of the faucets decided to start a heavy drip. Fortunately this happened before we left for a few hours, or the keg would have been poured all over the floor.

As a secondary issue, which might give some clue to the faucet behavior, I am decidedly unimpressed with the creamer function. It looks awesome in videos on YouTube. Both of mine failed to provide much of a head at all.

Everyone seems to love the Perlicks, so I reckon the problems must arise from something I am doing or not doing.

Any ideas what might be the cause of either of these issues? Have I just not tightened something properly? Iím a little reluctant to just start cranking the connections. Note that I did disassemble the faucets to sanitize them when I got them. I now gather that was unnecessary.

thanks, bws

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You bought the wrong Perlicks.. The 575SS is the creamer faucet. I have heard from others about a similar sealing issue. The 525SS is the non-creamer or standard faucet. I have 5, and love them to death.

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Originally Posted by TheBeerist
You bought the wrong Perlicks.. The 575SS is the creamer faucet. I have heard from others about a similar sealing issue. The 525SS is the non-creamer or standard faucet. I have 5, and love them to death.
"Wrong" ? Definitely not. Creamers have an added feature, but it won't interfere with non-creamed pours.

I have 3 of the 575SS faucets, and noticed a similar leaking issue initially, but I had poor pour speed due to a clogged output in the keg (sediment) so it wasn't too bad.
Then I tapped another keg with proper flow on another faucet and it snapped closed as I expected it to, while still creaming properly.

Dollars to donuts, you either need to clean/lube the problem faucets, check your pressure, or both.
When they're setup properly, those 575s perform well with all sorts of beverages, from lagers, to malty ales, to root beer.

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Tighten the nuts where the tap handles come out of the faucet. For some reason they are often shipped kinda loose and will cause the handles to flop around and sometimes leak/pour on their own. 1/4 turn with a wrench and you should be good.

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