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Default What is your Brewing Pet-Peeve?

There must be a brewing method or aim by your fellow homebrewers that completely irks you when you hear about it. Not because it's poor technique per se, but maybe because you think it's ridiculous, unnecessary, a common myth, or an illogical fad. Let's hear it!... Vent, rant, whatever.

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Many instructions show that you should primary 1 week, secondary 2, bottle for 3. One week in the primary may not be enough, secondary is usually not necessary, and bottle conditioning doesn't follow a schedule worth a darn.

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It's not a serious pet peeve but why don't people write more of their own recipes? There are numerous free programs to use and the amount of info on almost every brewing ingredient, in every style, in every amount, in every time and temp is out there.

Get on them internets and do a little research. It feels awesome toiling with a recipe and making something wonderful that is all your own.
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Many brewers (especially new brewers) tend to believe that bigger is better with beer and aim for the highest OG possible and most ABV% they can achieve when they really should be more worried about the quality of their end product, not the % alcohol. I got over my "big beer" kick after 2 batches of the stuff and realized that I like drinking beer too much to make big beers and get sick after just 3 of them.
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Originally Posted by RM-MN View Post

Many instructions show that you should primary 1 week, secondary 2, bottle for 3. One week in the primary may not be enough, secondary is usually not necessary, and bottle conditioning doesn't follow a schedule worth a darn.

I'm a huge advocate for controlling the fermentation but letting the fermentation tell you when it is okay to transfer/bottle/lager, not using a calendar to tell you when to move the beer.
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i hate subway. i don't want to coach someone on how to make a sandwich- i want to point at the picture or say a number and that's it. extra pickle, hold the mayo whatever- but i want you to meet me at the register with a finished product, without me having to hold your f-ing hand while you do your job. If i were an expert at making sandwiches, i would be the one working at the sandwich shop- not you. this doesn't really have to do with brewing but i really hate subway.
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Some of mine:

-Novice brewers adding all kinds of crazy ingredients to their first beers despite being advised to gain experience brewing base beers first, and then come back to the shop complaining that the beer didn't turn out
-People who sanitize with bleach and complain about infections or phenolic off-flavors
-New brewers who pick up bad information from online forums and think it's the only way to brew
-Brewers who spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on equipment but won't shop at the local store because the ingredient prices are a few percent higher than at the online mega-stores.
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I haven't used a kit in a long time, but kit instructions are a big pet peeve of mine And I'm not talking about the 1-2-3 thing or advocating outdated methods. I mean they're sometimes really poorly written - not in a grammar Nazi kind of way, just in a way that doesn't effectively describe the steps. They seem to skip steps, make assumptions, repeat themselves, etc.

The way they're written sometimes reminds me of a cookbook I have that was roughly and loosely translated from French.
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Don't get me started!!! LOL

Ok... I'm started...

-fly sparging is difficult because you 'must maintain 1-2" of water above the grain bed'... Not so, as long as there is water over the grain bed, it's fine. While you might no longer CALL it fly sparging, once you have your runoff established, just get all the sparge water in as quickly as possible. Using a cooler MLT I have all of my water in after 5-10 minutes (depending on how fast I move). Let gravity take it's course. I then use the remaining 50 minutes or so to clean my fermenter, eat breakfast or whatever. I learned this technique in the first commercial brewery I worked in and have used it in three or four others as well. If you know your volume, it's the simplest way to go.

- fly sparging... I hate that term. Where did it come from? It's been the standard sparging form for a very long time, it doesn't need a special term

- I would like to see people suggesting CO2 stones to new keggers as opposed to all the up the pressure, shake, burp, etc. method of rapid carbonating. A stone, at serving pressure and temp will have a keg carbed almost as quickly, with much less fuss and with ZERO chance of error. Perfect for someone new to kegging... and for those of us that prefer the KISS method as a general rule.

- I also have a thing about absolutes and blanket statements, I try not o make them myself... sometimes I fail in that regard, I am honest enough to admit it. The thing is, there is more than one way to skin a cat. In the end, all that matters is what hits the glass
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triple decoction mash.

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