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Jan 2012
Jewett City, CT
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I am curious if there is something I'm doing wrong when I brew a batch. No matter if I have 3 or 13, the next few days I have some serious lower abdominal cramps and gas. Could this be the type of yeast? I do extract kits btw.

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Originally Posted by tar1010
I am curious if there is something I'm doing wrong when I brew a batch. No matter if I have 3 or 13, the next few days I have some serious lower abdominal cramps and gas. Could this be the type of yeast? I do extract kits btw.
Are you new to homebrew? A lot of people experience what you are experiencing When switching to homebrew because of the bottle conditioning. The yeast is reacting with your intestines and producing some fun gas. Eventually your body will get use to it and you will not experience it anymore.

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Dec 2010
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Are you practicing the homebrew pour? MAke sure you're pouring "to the shoulder". You want to leave about 1/4" of the bottle's contents behind - that'll be the bulk of the yeast in the bottle left behind from bottle conditioning, and should make things much friendlier on your digestive tract.

If you're already doing that, and still reacting the the yeast that's still in suspension, you _could_ have a yeast allergy. Which is just plain unfortunate.

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Oct 2008
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Honestly, I've found that with proper conditioning, and a couple days of chilling, I can pour near 100% of the contents of a bottle. The year layer adheres to the bottom pretty well. Just pour it all at one go, and don't keep tipping it back and forth/swirling the contents.

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Just spent a weekend at the Cape (Cod) with my non-drinking, 84 year-old mom. She had some of my hard lemonade for breakfast one morning with some undesirable after effects. Be happy you only got gas from the yeast.

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Mar 2012
plainfield, IN
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It only took me about a week to get used to homebrew. It is amazing the amount of gas you can produce from the yeast. I woke my wife up in the middle of the night with some extremely LOUD reliefs. I had to get up and open the window. You know your full of gas when you feel your stomach actually go down after one of the large gassing's.
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Dec 2011
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I still get gas, I recommend going to GNC and getting a probiotic supplement, changed my digestive life

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Jan 2012
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I get GI pain when I drink green beer. I found if I let the beer stay in the fermentor for 3 weeks and clear up, I have no problems.

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Oct 2010
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I always do 4 weeks primary, 4 weeks bottle conditioning and get a tight little cake (love me them tight little cakes) in the bottom of the bottle. I have never had to halt my pour before it goes vertical, never gotten yeast in my glass and never had any GI problems. But I have heard from this forum many people that have had adjustments when first switching to home brew. I'd suggest you do the followong in this order

1. bottle condition 4 weeks
2. ensure you don't pour yeast sediment into ypour glass
3. wait 2 weeks to see if the issue resolves itself
4. See a doctor if the problem continues.

Hope you feel better.

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What's your beer drinking history prior to homebrewing? Have you always just drank BMC? Or are you a die hard craft beer drinker who knows his way around bottle conditioned beer. Have you drank a lot of commercial hefes?

If all you've ever had in your drinking "career" are highly filtered BMC it does take some getting used to that there's a LOT of yeast in there. And our bodies aren't used to it initially. Even though it's really really good for us.

Like others have said it often takes time. But our bodies do adapt.
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