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I'm making hooch, just any old fruit juice fermented for a week. I've got two questions, both should be very easy to answer. Firstly, it's been a week, can i just freeze the plastic bottle and drink it? And secondly, i'm poor, no, not really but i really do want to make this hobby as cheap as possible, what differences would i expect to see between premium brewing yeast and bulk bakers yeast?

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I think most of your questions have been answered in your other post.

Just stick the juice in the fridge and when it's clear enough for your tastes siphon/pour carefully off the sediment and store in the fridge while you drink it.

As you've stated you don't like the taste, and rightly so. You can not make a decent tasting drink in a week. It's impossible.

A good beverage takes quality fruit/juice, a good yeast suited for what you are making, and lots of time.

I notice your concerned about costs. When making small batches it ends up costing more than buying commercial alcohol, so just buy your alcohol from the store.

If you want to make a good cheap drink then think of making 5 gallon batches and reusing (washing or repitching) the yeast. Yeast is a living organism and if you take care of it you can divide the used yeast (called a yeast cake) and store it in the fridge and make even more batches from it. Search for washing yeast.

$1 for a pack is cheap if you make 5 or more gallons at a time. If you reuse your yeast that $1 becomes a negligible cost factor.

Making your own drink is a hobby that takes some monetary investment. We do it because we enjoy it, like to experiment, and usually the results are just as good as or even better than the commercial products. Once in a while we even create a fantastic product that we try to reproduce.

Unfortunately you just can't do it in a week.
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My two cents on costs - I agree with making bigger batches (5 gallons) at a time, though I have never re-used yeast. Homebrewing does take some monetary outlay in the beginning, but over time, it can be cheaper than store-bought. I bought my carboy, tubing, bottles, etc. and use Costco juice (~$4 a gallon) to keep it cheap, and after five 5-gallon batches, it is cheaper than the store (and better, imho, plus a bit of pride factored in).

In the end, it is a bit of a labor of love
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