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Originally Posted by spearko520 View Post
i thought it was just me and the slutty outfits i wear when pitching yeast. nice to know i'm not alone.
I nominate this for HBT Hall of Fame...do we have one of those yet?

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If you are not making a starter, just aim it into the fermenter when you open the vial. Even if it spurts out, it will go where you were trying to get it, anyway.

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You do have to be careful when opening the bottles to avoid premature inoculation.

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Originally Posted by neophilus
You do have to be careful when opening the bottles to avoid premature inoculation.
Heh heh! You said "premature inoculation"!!
Piratwolf: "I've heard that Belgian Blondes can be "panty droppers" but they're not particularly high IBU nor cheap."

jmendez29: Haha! I get it! :ban:
Wait. You're not talking about beer, right?
You're talking about beer. That could have been a whole lot more fun.

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Hmm...never had a wyeast pack explode lol

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Originally Posted by KuntzBrewing View Post
Hmm...never had a wyeast pack explode lol
then you're not doing it right. move your hips more.
"i like to drink. I do it all the time, every day."- anthony jeselnik

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I shake mine up right out of the fridge. Then one it is ready to add to my starter it has settled down enough that I can just lightly shake it and open without incident(I never where slutty outfits though).

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I had the same problem just yesterday with 2 vials of the San Diego Super Strain. I tried to open both very carefully, but both just blew up. I think only got about 3/4 vial in there, between the two of them. Fermentation started okay, but I'm concerned I'll have to add another, if fermentation stalls (it's not as furious as I've seen SDSS get). Thanks for the "right out of the 'fridge" tip, I hadn't heard that one before.

No slutty outfits, unless you count my Arsenal jersey (sexy for some).

"Premature inoculation," heh.

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Originally Posted by step View Post
Yeah, trapped gas (in the settled yeast) or CO2 in solution is the culprit... we won't get into causes. The best thing I can recommend is to crack the vial open as soon as you remove it from the fridge. Then give it a little agitation and crack it open again. Do this several times as it warms up and the CO2 comes out of suspension.
Thanks for the tip.

The same thing happened to me with the Irish Ale strain. It exploded all over the vial itself but we had enough yeast still in the vial to pitch. No problems with the fermentation. My buddy and I have a vial that we are going to use and I will try to open it more carefully.

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Yay! It's not just me! I always do a starter because, even with ice packs, my yeast arrives hot. 20 years in the military gave me this bad habit of following directions, so I've been taking the yeast out of the reefer a few hours early, then shake it up, and open. This last one caught me full in the face....I hope enough made it into the funnel!

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