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Jun 2007
Freehold, NJ
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Hi Everyone, I'm relatively new to brewing but was thinking that making cider might be a lot of fun and since my wife doesn't like beer (I know, What's up with that?!!!) it would give her a way to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I downloaded a recipe off of to make cider and it had me adding campden tablets, citric acid, pectic enzyme and even isinglass. Then I came on here and it seems that there are a lot of recipes with less "additives" - in fact some that don't even add yeast. My question is "is this all neccessary" or can I get away with apple cider (from an orchard - I have a friend who works at one and can get me as much free cider as I want), yeast and sugar to prime the bottles with for slight carbonation? Thanks in advance for the advice.

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plop the cider in a bucket, pitch some yeast, and drink in a month.

After you do that you can start getting creative.

Edit: Click in the apfelwein link in my sig or search for it. simple and easy.

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The straight answer is "no" you don't NEED all of that.

But (you knew there'd be one), your chances of getting a better brew out of the ingredients are greater.

This is the main reason why you should learn what each ingredient does and how it affects your brews, whatever they are.
HB Bill

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You don't need to add anything to apple juice to make cider, if you are willing to wait longer and take the chance that you'll have something strange and/or undrinkable.

If you search here or the wiki for each of those ingredients, you'll be able to decide how much control over the final product you want. Even if the juice is "free", dumping a batch hurts.
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Jun 2007
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Ever seen an apple go brown a few seconds after you bite into it?

I made a 1/2 gallon with no additives as an experiment. I recommend using the additives.
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Some is necessary and some is not unless it won't clear. I haven't had any that would not clear yet, given a few months. However most ciders just need the juice, sugar and yeast. Pectic enzyme will just help to clear it faster but isnot required. Different sugars can give a slight taste variation like Brown sugar or even Honey. Use the Edworts Apfelwein receipe and add a bit of splenda to sweeten. My wife loves it, low calories and carbs!

Great taste in about 6 weeks and better after a bit of aging!
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