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Mar 2007
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At the table.

When I was a kid, I saw the old f-ucks put salt in, and /or tomato juice, and/or Tobasco.

Later, when I began a life of frequenting watering holes, I saw that lime was 'cool' to add to your beer.

Later, (much) I found that people liked (or thought they should) put lemon in Widmer's Heffeweiser. And then there's Blue Moon....

What sorta chit do you add to a beer? Not that it's a bad thing...

Me, nutttin' but more beer...
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This is HBT of course. Normal Thread that goes every direction but the one intended. This forum should be scientific proof the beer causes ADD

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HB Bill

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Apr 2006
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Originally Posted by homebrewer_99
In a Randall!!!
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Apr 2007
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For work, I usually spend about one week each month traveling in Mexico. They have a beer cocktail called a "Michelada." Although the recipe varies, it is usually a mix of beer, lime juice and Worcestershire sauce poured over ice. Sometimes there is a little tomato juice, sometimes a little Maggi or soy sauce, etc.. It is quite refreshing on a hot afternoon.
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Mar 2006
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Originally Posted by olllllo
In a Randall!!!
Im dying to try one of those.

Ive made plenty of red beers (V8 and beer) on those hair of the dog mornings. Mexican beer is great with a pinch of salt and lime. Im not a fan of any fruit in my Hefes though. I love that yeast profile too much

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Aug 2006
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Yeah, I don't add anything to my poured beer unless said poured beer is, um, not that good in the first place. See: mexican cerveza. Putting a lemon in your hefe is like putting ketchup on a creme brulee. Ugh. Unless, of course, it's a rather tasteless or offensive hefe/wit, such as blue moon or widmer. hehe.
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Mmmmmm Red Beer. I've never done it with my homebrew as I would consider it sacreligous!! Love red beer by the camp fire. Things i've added....tomato juice and salt, v8 juice, Clamato Juice(probably is better then tomato)....hillbilly with olives(big fat ones with garlic cloves shoved in 'em.

good way to add flavor to bmc.


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Oct 2005
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Around here Red beer is just tomato juice & BMC. Guess they can't handle a V8.

[And no, I've never had one]

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Mar 2007
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Fresh Mexican lime, from my friends green house in a Mexican beer. It is pure heaven.

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Dec 2006
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I was at a BBQ the other weekend and my host asked if I wanted a wedge of lime in my beer. I told her that I would love some lime on my BBQ chicken but fruit has no place in my beer.

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