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Let's say I have a beer on draft and I want to take some to a party. Will the beer retain sufficient carbonation if I stick a 22 under the tap and cap it really fast?

Does anyone know what a beer gun is? Why is it so expensive?


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That is how I do it. Turn your pressure down a bit and stick the empty bottle in the freezer for 15 min or so 1st. Cap as fast as ya can. Works ok for up to a week or so. Not quite AS carb'd, but still ok by me

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Originally Posted by Prez
Does anyone know what a beer gun is? Why is it so expensive?
It's this

It's that expensive because people think it does a better job of transferring kegged beer to bottles than the "bottle-under-the-tap" method (I dunno, 've never tried either method) and it's easier to use than a counterpressure filler, so they're willing to pay that much for it.

Search "blichmann" and you'll get some other threads where people talk about why they like it.
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A beer gun plugs into your CO2 tank which allows you to fill the bottle under pressure. As I unerstand it, they work great but are a little cumbersome. **EDIT** oops, that's a Counterpressure filler. I guess I always associated the two items as the same thing.

As far as bottling off a keg, there are a number of techniques. Some people overcarbonate the beer by turning up the co2 pressure the day before. This way, whatever is lost during bottlling takes you back to proper levels. Most people advocate chilling your bottles to reduce foaming, and I've heard plenty of times of people fitting their bottling wand onto a cobra tap (it fits perfectly, i've read) and bottling that way. Some people simply stick a length of vinyl tube onto their faucet such that it pours into the bottom of the bottle (this is how I've seen most growlers fille at bars) which also reduces foaming and CO2 loss.

Basically, as I understand it, most of the time it works just fine without the beer gun. I'd say try without it before you drop the $$$. Tell me what you find out as I'm only about a month behind you (i.e. beer is in the keg and the kegerator is nearly finished).

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Chris K
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i use the 'bottle-under-the-tap' method and use swingtop (grolsch style) bottles, but my intention is to drink right away, say in a few hours or so....not for long time storage which may require a counterfiller, but i have never used one.

also, i use the Carbonator cap frequently which is a 2liter bottle cap that accepts a CO2 quick disconnect to seal in the goodness. i have used this for longer term storage, but i have never used it for over a week. i have a few of these caps, and like to use these when camping instead of hauling a corney and draft box along.

here is a link to the carbonator cap thingie:

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My buddy usually just fills screw top growlers from his kegs, they stay nice and carbonated for at least a few hours.

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I use home made carbonator caps. Basically it's a tire fill valve installed in a soda bottle cap. I fill the bottle, squeeze to remove oxygen laced headspace, cap, then top off with 10 PSI of CO2 with a tire fill nozzle on my CO2 line.
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No beer gun necessary.

Clickety Click Here

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