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Apr 2012
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I know that some bottles can handle the pressure that comes with bottling and some can't. Is it safe to assume all non-twist off bottles can be used for a home brew?

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If they're beer bottles, yes. There's an industry rated standard volume of co2 that all beer bottles have to be rated at, and it is higher than the 2-2.5 volumes of co2 that we typically bottle are beers at. Obviously when bottling higher carbed beers like belgians, you want to use belgian beer bottles or champagne bottles. Though folks have been known to bottle beers around 3 volumes in standard bottles. IIRC the industry standard volume is 3.2 on normal beer bottles. But don't quote me on that.
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Jan 2012
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well you can assume that.. but i bought 24 bottles from my LHBS and they are VERY thin.. even thinner than sam adams. I use them .. but i am very careful when i handle them.. i wrap a cloth around it everytime i pick one up. i wont waste another 12.99 for bottles again, i will now just buy beer with pry-off tops and enjoy some beer while collecting homebrew bottles at the same time. Duvel has nice dark Thick bottles.. chimay's are pretty thick also. Mostly this is what i have.. roughly 100 - 110 bottles... o yea and 24 of the paper thin LHBS bottles.

Oh yea,, and 24 Grolsch bottles.

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May 2012
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I found out the hard way that some bottles can't be reused. I ended up with a case of beer from real ale brewing. Didn't like the beer so I dumped it all and washed and used them for a batch that was ready to bottle. I did nothing I haven't always done and yet every bottle is cracking at the top when I start to remove the cap. I've never had that happen before. I'm just throwing away the remaining unused bottles.

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Some Europeans bottles don't really fit the caps well.

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May 2012
blenheim, marlborought
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you can feel the differance in weight between good bottles and the thinner weaker bottles I have also found that lighter thinner bottles also break alot easier if you drop them

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Dec 2010
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Some bottles don't work well with my capper, like Pilsner Urquell bottles. There is a lip near the mouth that causes my capper to slip off.

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Oct 2011
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The Old Foghorn bottles from Anchor brewing co. We're noticeably thinner and when I capped a few the top just disintegrated in the capper.....moral: look for the heavier gauge bottles.

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Thought it might be a good thing to post the bottles I've been using once again;
Sierra Nevada
Lexington Brewing (Kentucky bourbon barrel ale)
Sam Adams
Great Lakes brewing
Left Hand Brewing
I'm sure there are more that can be re-used safely. But I know these are good. Never broke any,except for the Sierra Nevada stubbies...two bottles I think. But I may have gorilla'd those with the capper.
The German bottles seem to carb the best with their longer,narrower neck. I noticed the Bud Light Platinum bottles have that same neck style. Too bad they're twist-offs.
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Jan 2012
La Porte, indiana
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I really like the Fat Tire & Sierra Nevada bottles. In fact just bottled 10 gal of a SNPA clone. We also have a local brewery, Back Road Brewery, that uses very heavy, thick rimmed bottles. Great beer also, but I think they use super glue and vinyl for labels.

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