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Apr 2012
, Maine
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Someone I know has lots of closet space, and always has the good intention to redeem her bottles. When I mentioned that I had started brewing, and needed to buy bottles, she wouldn't let me!

She just brought over 120 bottles, all the same brand, rinsed and put back in their cases/6-packs. I put them in milk crates for easier handling, but what a jackpot!


Oh, and if I need more, I'm to let her know. Heheheh.
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Sep 2011
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Great friend!
Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
...tasting a beer at 1 week, and again at 2....that to me just means there 2 less beers that are actually tasting good and are ready at the end.
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Nov 2011
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I'm tellin you that that is the most green way to homebrew rather than pay for shipping costs and an exhorbant fee for a brown bottle. A little elbow grease and those will be fine bottles to use. I always drop by the package store and pay them deposit for some very heavy duty bottles.

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Jul 2011
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That's one awesome friend! Grab a 5 gallon bucket, add a scoop of Oxyclean and let them soak a bit, the labels will fall right off and then just wipe and rinse!

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Mar 2011
Richmond, VA
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i got probably 200 from my cousin when he switched to kegs. i now have more bottles than i know what to do with. i would like to fill up all the bottles i have in my apartment, but i dream. i must have close to 500 now.

and am i the only one who just leaves labels on? i took off about 100 when i first started, and now i just leave them on. if they fall off thats fine, but its not worth the effort for me to clean them off

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Jun 2010
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Oxy clean is the way to go. Get some super fine 000 steel wool and you'll be able to get the glue off super easy
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Mar 2011
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You owe your friend some of your homebrew!
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May 2011
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Yes, MaltMonster is right. That friend deserves some brew.

Good advice about not buying bottles. I purchased my first 2 cases when I first started, but since then, never again. Friends give me bottles, and I have bottles from beer I drink.

Well, scratch that. I did buy some Grolsch bottles from someone on craigslist, but he gave me 60 bottle for like $10 and a couple homebrews.

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Feb 2012
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+1 on the oxy clean. However, I just let em soak in a big plastic container on my porch for a couple of days. I get to them when I can and when I do I don't even need any steel wool... the labels just come right off. (Just did a batch 5 minutes ago...) And I'm assuming that spending that much time in the oxy clean is enough time to clean them thoroughly and all I have to do is sanitize them when I bottle.

And my coworker goes through Sam Adams pretty regularly, so I've been able to stock pile his gifts of glass... (Sam Adams labels come off the best in oxy clean BTW...)
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Mar 2011
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Don't forget about this thread to spread the wealth if you have unused bottles!

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