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The B3/morebeer conical is overpriced, but if you have money to burn then you could do worse. A better option IMHO would be an upright fridge and a brewhemoth inside. Not only would it be cheaper but you'd get better temp control and other fixtures.

I enjoy DIY as much as brewing and made my own conical out of a keg for $40, plus another $50 for fittings, etc. No welding needed, just a soldering gun.

Like the others have said, it's harder to move around, but i do harvest my yeast and it makes it a snap. But it doesn't make the beer any better. When i have multiple fermentations going on (buckets) the conical brew doesn't taste any better.

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Originally Posted by apparatus
I own a morebeer 14 gallon heated/cooled conical and absolutely love it. Everything about it is top quality. It is very nice to be able to ramp up or down the temperature so easily. Provides great control for fermenting lagers.
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Originally Posted by apparatus View Post
I own a morebeer 14 gallon heated/cooled conical and absolutely love it. Everything about it is top quality. It is very nice to be able to ramp up or down the temperature so easily. Provides great control for fermenting lagers.
Apparatus, any idea what the total wattage is on the peltiers they use and how many?
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I'm one of those who happens to love fermenting in my conical way over my old buckets and carboys......however...the More Beer is pricey for what you get. I'm only sorry I didn't have the foresight to realize I'd need a larger fermenter (7.5gallon stout), so now I'll be buying the 40gal(also stout), and an old freezer. My Stout 7.5 will windup in the classified very shortly......
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I agree It's a bit pricy, and that I do like fermenting in carboys for 5 gallon batches, but I'm not the bigest fan of splitting a 10 gallon batch into two carboy. As well for me fermenting in kegs works well, but I just dont like the 2" opening.

I was debating the same thing recently, and decided to pull the trigger on a More beer non-heated and cooled version. My brother has a stout conical that he modified with a sanitary port and a CIP ball, I think This was my deciding factor about buying the More beer version. His is nice but he has had issues with his lid, and spent a bit of additional money on modifications. With the more beer version it is all tri-clover and comes standard with butterfly valves. Im going to add a CIP ball too, so I can just recirculate hot star-san in the fermenter before transferring from the kettle. And transferring under CO2 pressure Is a big plus.

For heating and cooling Im having Zach at stainless brewing fabricate me a 3" Tri-clover cap with a 25' 1/4" stainless coil. I'll be pumping cold water from a reservoir in a mini fridge through it for cooling, and for heating Im going to use a fermwrap. I have not had the chance to use it yet, but I'm hoping to break it in an a couple weeks.

But Id say with the money you save from not buying the heated and cooled version, buy TWO standard more beer conicals!
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There's a guy in Ontario that makes and sells plastic conicals. There called the "V" vessel. They have a removable top, and come with a valve and yeast catch, as well as a mounting bracket to hang it on a wall. They are something like $180. I know a guy uses some for wine making and he loves it. Catches the yeast great and being able to hang it on the wall makes it convenient for gravity flow when bottling.

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