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I have a Bavarian friend who is jonesing for the beer from his hometown. Flotzinger 1543 which is a hefe weizen.

Running the risk of disappointing someone by trying to duplicate a beer of memory, has anyone tried this beer/ tried making this beer, and what can you tell me about it's characteristics?

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While I have NOT had this beer, I think few others have had as well as this seems to be a southwest Bavarian style hefe.

IMO I would read the 4 reviews on BA http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/3697/9881 and try to backwards engineering it from that.

A massive guess from me:
It sounds to me like this would have a standard hefe yeast fermented on the cool side to increase that huge banana aroma they talk about. The slight clove tells me they probably raise the temp for the last bit of the fermentation for the little clove character as mentioned. The lemon flavor tells me that is probably the hops but there could be some lemon zest added to it as well, I would suspect not a large amount 1/4oz for 5 gallons maybe. I would look into Brambling Cross hops if you can source them.

For the grain bill I would do some digging on other "red/orange" wheat beers. IMO they are probabbly using red wheat and a pilsner malt. Specialty grains you will once again have to dig/ask your friend if there were and caramel or other tastes than the wheat and barley, if he can help out all.

I would ferment and bottle this ASAP after the primary is done (the only way to know for sure would be to take hydro readings every day after the 1st day and when you have 2 readings in a row that are the same you can bottle as normal or force carb.

Tip: I add 1 TBL spoon of normal flour to a 5 gallon batch @ flame out during the boil. The wheat should make it cloudy but the flour makes it REALLY cloudy for a good long time. Also do not use Irish moss or whirlfloc as that will defeat the purpose.

Remember I am only guessing, I wish you the best of luck...
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