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for me i have a fresh supply of lme it cost me $5.40 a littre which works out to $1.80lb and my lhbs has alot avalable in bulk which is what i buy. on the other hand i found that dme where i am in canada is verry expensive like anywhere from $6-8 a lb where i am at least .so i get lme plus i have a better selection avalable locally so i dont have to wait for it to come n the mail

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Originally Posted by Orpheus
I had the same issue, but it was because of the color of the Wheat LME. The Wheat LME I got from nb.com was brown in color. It's hard to brew a light colored wheat beer with a brown LME. I'm not sure why it would be brown?!?!
Word, I figured it was just "older" LME (from midwestsupplies.com, usually fresh ingredients), and that's why I got that color, maybe the maltster is putting something besides basemalt and wheat in it? Not sure, but I know DME is straw colored, like Hefe's are supposed to be.
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I've seen that a lot of Wheat Extracts are already hopped.
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wheat me pre-hopped, really? i've never seen any...are you talking about kits?

i suppose it would make sense...they only need a little bit of bittering and no aroma or flavor so you could potential just mix, boil, and ferment.

i've never bought pre-hopped, tho. doesn't sound like very much fun and the end product can't be too terrific.
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The production process, particularly evaporation, degrades the malt extract to a small degree, although this has improved out of all recognition in recent years by evaporating under high vacuum. This enables evaporation to take place at temperatures as low as 55 degrees, thus preserving the integrity of the product. Spray-dried malt extract has the further advantage of only being evaporated to around 50% solids (the optimum for the spray drying process) as opposed to the 80% of syrup extracts.
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I will always recommend DME over LME anytime.

However, if you are making a stout, bock, or porter it doesn't matter. The darker the better.
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