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Obviously yest strain has an impact on the beer flavor from it's ester profile. Aside from that, what impact does the attenuation level from the yeast vs. the attenuation from the mash temp have on the flavor of the beer?

Example: A 1.050 beer is mashed at higher temp, say 156 that fnishes at 1.012 making for 76% attenuation.


The same 1.050 beer mashed at 149, fermented with a lesser aggressive yeast finishing at 1.012 again.

Comments, thoughts?

Is this a derivative of fermentable sugars vs. non-fermentable sugars? Is there a difference one would notice/taste?

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A lowrer mash temp will create a more fermentable wort. A higher mash temp will create a less fermentable wort. It all has to do with enzymatic activity, and the types of sugars produced from starch conversion.

A lower mash temp normally produces a thinner, lighter bodied, drier tasting beer.

A higher mash temp would then lead to a thicker, heavier bodied, sweeter (perhaps maltier--depending on word choice) tasting beer.

Hope this helps.

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I would expect the lower-mashed, less-attenuated version to leave a very slightly (at 1.012) "flabby" mouthfeel from the unfermented sugars produced. In a pale ale that would be problematic, but in a malty Scottish 70-/ it might be perfect.
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