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Apr 2012
palenville, ny
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i am thinking about diving in and not even sure where to start looking.
i have brewed beer before but never delicious cider.
maybe someone can suggest a simple beginner recipe

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Sep 2011
Granite City, IL
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This is as easy and delicous as it gets!

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Jun 2008
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I would start right here: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f32/resu...riments-83060/

A ton of info in this thread

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Dec 2011
Wilmington, Illinois
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Can't get any easier then EdWorts Apfelwein.
Also try this http: http//www.homebrewtalk.com/f32/caramel-apple-hard-cider-292770/
Although there are a couple more steps it's very easy. Upstatemike's got a winner recipe also. The Apfelwein is very dry and the carmel apple cider is sweet and generally less ABV.
People have experimented with wine yeast, champagne yeast and ale yeasts (Nottinghams being one of the most popular).

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Apr 2009
Highlands Ranch, CO
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Easiest is get 5 gallons of cider , add 1 vail/packet of cider yeast, wait ~4-5mos and bottle. If you get good juice it turns out good cider.

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Nov 2010
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Agree with JeepDiver.
1) Buy cider that doesn't have preservatives and put in a sanitized carboy, take a gravity measurement
2) Add yeast (Nottingham or S-04 are good to start) and some nutrient helps, slap on an airlock, leave around room temp or a bit below
3) Ferment for a few months until gravity is stable for 3 consecutive days; it will read somewhere around 1.000
4) If you want it really clear, transfer to secondary after a month or so. Then let it sit until it looks nice. If its nice and cool it will clear a bit faster.
5) Bottle or whatever.

It'll be dry and if you wait a couple-6 months will be delicious. Wait a year and will be awesome.

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Jun 2011
Fayetteville, NY
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Originally Posted by smh View Post
It'll be dry and if you wait a couple-6 months will be delicious. Wait a year and will be awesome.
I currently have six gallons of cider sitting in the back corner of my wine cellar waiting for October. This is the second batch of cider I've made. The first I made in 2008 and did the basic cider+yeast=booze method. I have one 22oz bottle of that remaining and I think I'm going to open it this fall.

The batch I currently have under glass is made from cider we pressed ourselves (the goal is serve the last year's cider while pressing this year's apples). I heat pasteurized and added a 1lb of brown sugar to the mix. I don't have my notes, but I think the OG was around 1.060. I used Nottingham dry yeast. I primaried for eight weeks at about ~66F. It has sat in secondary ever since and is crystal clear, but a pretty medium brown. I'm considering back sweetening when I keg/carb this batch in the fall. But that will depend on what it tastes like when the time comes, I guess.

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Nov 2010
Rescue, CA
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Assuming you are are able to keg, and that you like your cider medium as opposed to dry, here is the recipe and brewlog from a batch I just kegged;

Barsotti Cider - 3/8/2012

5.5G Barsotti Apple Juice - SG: 1.054
2.6lbs Organic Turbinado Sugar (Trader Joe's)
.25g Pectic Enzyme
5g SafAle-04 yeast

3/8/2012 Warmed 1G AJ with sugar until disolved - didnít boil! Added AJ+Sugar mixture to 6.5G primary fermentation bucket, sprinkled Pectic Enzyme. Splashed 4.5G AJ into bucket. Covered top of bucket with fine netting to keep bugs out. Adjusted OG: 1.074
3/9/2012 Dry pitched Safale-04
3/10/2012 Stirred vigorously to break up krausen/floating yeast
3/15/2012 SG: 1.038 @ 66 degrees = 1.039
3/17/2012 SG: 1.032 @ 66 degrees = 1.033
3/19/2012 SG: 1.026 @ 64 degrees = 1.027
3/21/2012 Transferred to carboy, refrigerated, SG: 1.022
5/7/2012 Kegged, FG: 1.020 @ 55 degrees = 1.020

Final ABV 7.25% - although SWMBO swears she can't taste any alcohol in it at all

I would have kegged it sooner but life just got in the way

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Dec 2011
Meriden, CT
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This is what I use. Of course you can tweek it a bit and even skip some of the smaller components like acid blend or grape tannin.


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Apr 2012
palenville, ny
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what does the acid blend do?
just wondering?

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