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Default Buying first 50 bag o' grain - please share how you store yours.

I'm buying a 50 of two row. I have a Food Saver vacuum sealer. I was thinking about splitting into 5 pound bags using the Food Saver and storing in freezer.

Is that ok, or are there other viable methods? Just wanting to hear thoughts from those that bulk buy.

I don't have a ton of space at home. Some in a basement freezer over the fridge, and I could put some in the keezer set at 39 with the kegs.

A buddy has a chest freezer I could get some space in if it is best to freeze it all (based on my reading so far I think that is the best plan).

Thank you for your thoughts.


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I put mine in a big tupperware in the garage. No need to freeze it unless you plan on taking years to use it all.

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Don't freeze un-crushed grain, put it in a couple of 5gal homer buckets with lids or the like. Keep it dry and it'll be just fine.
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Don't put it in the keezer! Way too much moisture. Rubbermaid or sealed bucket in a cool basement should be perfect.

How often do you brew? A 50# sack should last 5-10 batches, depending on recipe.
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Mine sits in it's sack, inside a plastic tote with no lid, in the garage.
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I leave mine in the bag they came in, tucked under my laundry room counter to keep the cat out, and I just twist the top shut, expel as much air as possible and seal with a bit of twine twisted around and tied.

No problems over the course of ... 7 sacks? Something like that...longest one stored this way has been maybe 6 months now and zero issues, no bugs, etc.

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Original bag or plastic totes.
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Or similar. Original grain bags in the tote, tote in the basement. I was nervous about that at first but I opened the tote when we moved this weekend and the grain smelled sooooo fresh and delicious. Kyle
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2 homer buckets hold 50 pounds of grain.
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I keep my 50# 2 row and a bunch of single pound specialty grains in a big rubbermaid tub with lid. Like others, no problems.

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