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Jan 2011
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Rehabilitation Double IPA

60 minute, full volume 4.0 gallon boil
3.0 to 3.2 gallon batch
2.8 to 3.0 gallon bottling volume
60 minute mash @ 148 F with 1 gallon water
4.0 weeks of 62-68 F fermentation and conditioning in primary, including dryhop
2.5 weeks of bottle conditioning
No secondary necessary
No cold crash necessary
115.5 IBUs (it doesn't taste nearly as harsh as it sounds)
1.074 OG
1.014 FG
8.0% ABV

2.00 lbs. Great Western Premium 2-Row Malt
2.00 lbs. Muntons Extra Light Dry Malt Extract
1.75 lb. Muntons Extra Light Dry Malt Extract [Late Addition]
8.00 oz. Corn Sugar [Late Addition]
8.00 oz. Rahr Red Wheat Malt
8.00 oz. Weyermann CaraHell

0.75 oz. Columbus leaf 17.1 @ 60 minutes
1.50 oz. Columbus leaf 17.1 @ 10 minutes
1.00 oz. Centennial pellet 10.5 @ 30-60 minute hopstand in < 160 F wort
1.00 oz. Summit pellet 15.8 @ 30-60 minute hopstand in < 160 F wort
0.50 oz. Amarillo pellet 9.2 @ 30-60 minute hopstand in < 160 F wort
0.50 oz. Citra pellet 14.5 @ 30-60 minute hopstand in < 160 F wort
1.00 oz. Summit pellet 15.8 @ 10 day dryhop
0.50 oz. Amarillo pellet 9.2 @ 10 day dryhop
0.50 oz. Citra pellet 14.5 @ 10 day dryhop

Gypsum, Whirlfloc, Yeast Nutrient

1.0 to 1.5 liter White Labs WLP001 yeast starter

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Dec 2011
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My favorite brew so far is also my first all grain. It is a Vienna/Northern Brewer SMaSH.

5 gallon recipe:
10lbs Vienna malt mashed at 152F
1oz NB at 60 min
1oz NB at 20 min
.5oz NB at 15 min
.5oz NB at 10 min
1oz NB at 5 min

Fermented with US-05 at 64F.

It is smooth and complex with lots of hop flavor that compliments the strong flavor of the Vienna malt. Each one is better than the rest and will probably wind up being my house APA.
No yeast, no beer. No beer, no civilization. Therefore, we really have yeast to thank for all our modern-day conveniences and tasty beer

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Aug 2011
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Just tapped a keg of my newest IPA creation. It is incredible. The brewday was a disaster, but the beer turned out beyond amazing. Until this beer, I hadn't ever made a beer I was 100% happy with, that I thought could really compete against the commercials, but I think it's the best beer I've ever tasted, let alone brewed. This will be one of the core beers at Two Kids. It's a good feeling.
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Originally Posted by Talljake6110 View Post
I would have to say my favorite home brew that i've done to date was a version of the Darth Vader IPA

I wanted to make it alittle differnet so used 80L crystal and .75# of special roast instead of only a half pound.

I also changed up the hops and used the following schedule:

1 oz Magnum 17% - 60 min.
1 oz Cascade 7.9% - 45 min.
1 oz Fuggles 5.2% - 15 min.
1 oz Cascade 7.9% - 0 min.

Dry hop 1 oz cascade for 7 days.

And used nottingham instead of 05.

Came out amazing. Huge aroma up front, the first sip is amazingly roasty, but then the bitterness and hop flavor comes in. It was a hit, even with people that don't like hoppy beers.
Sounds similar to the BIPA I mentioned right above you. Try Chinook sometimes if you feel like experimenting with your recipe. The piney aroma of Chinook on top of those dark malts reminds me of pine tar (stuff you put on a baseball bat for grip). In a good way of course

I also used Nottingham for my BIPA. I love that yeast. I love how it really lets all of the malts and hops you put into the beer come out in full force and doesn't get in the way.

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