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Apr 2012
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
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I'm sure this has been covered in this forum several times but I can't seem to find just what I'm looking for. I plan on making a Berry Wheat from a kit I got from my LHBS. I would like to make a Blueberry flavored beer because, well, that's what the wife likes. The LHBS suggested that I use Brewers Best artificial fruit flavoring. On the bottle it says to use 2oz per 5 gallons. My question is, at what step do I introduce the flavoring? From what I have seen on here when using real fruits (oranges, strawberrys, raspberrys, ect.) they are added into the secondary. Does this hold true for using the liquid concentate also? Thanks.

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Mar 2012
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It is my understanding that flavor extracts should be added (in your desired concentration) to the bottling bucket before you rack your beer. The flow of beer will stir the extract effectively into solution.

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Apr 2009
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Assuming the flavoring doesn't contain any sugars (I wouldn't think it would, but double check), bottling bucket is going to be your best bet. Although if you can find a way to measure out small amounts of the flavoring (eye-dropper?), you may want to test out the level of flavoring in a small sample first and make sure that its what you and the wife want to go for. Weaker than preferred isn't too bad, but a stronger blueberry flavored beer sounds like it might be dumpable.

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May 2011
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I found the best results by letting the beer sit in secondary for a few weeks on fresh (or frozen) berries before bottling. I split a batch in half, kegged half after one week on berries, and let the other half sit for an additional few weeks before bottling it. The bottled version tasted way better and was a hug hit at my family Christmas party last year. They have requested more.
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Jan 2012
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I just did a blueberry cream ale. Primaried for 6 days then racked to a carboy over one can of blueberry puree I bought at the LHBS for two Weeks. Then I threw in half the bottle of Brewer's Best blueberry extract at bottling.

The taste is spot on but the aroma is the artificial extract. I'd dial that down to 1/3 or 1/4 bottle if I do this beer again.
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I make a Vanilla Cream once a month and always add the vanilla at bottling.The
flavor is always the same over several batches.Hope this helps.


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