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two things catch my eye, wimmens and cold seriously, two things here do catch my eye.
The one step as a clenser/ is a good cleanser, just not the best sanitizer. I have started rinsing or boiling after using onestep.
The other and more important I think......fermentation temp. 80 F is too high as actual fermentation temps will be higher than ambient temperature. I am fighting the same issue and have decided that correct control of fermentation temperature is one of the keys to making great beer. In fact, I have decided not to brew anymore beer until I have some sort of controlled fermentation chamber. I have decided after much reading on the's that important to making the best beer we can.

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Nov 2011
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I've been rinsing after using one step before kegging anything or bottling. I think I'm just going to have to dedicate my basement to fermenting as it's the only place in my house that stays at a somewhat consistent temperate. All the advice is really helpful and I've been taking notes so I'll be watching my fermentation temps, using a starter, and (ugh) waiting!

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OneStep isn't a good sanitizer? That's disappointing. I've been using it exclusively on all my equipment from fermentor to keg to faucets for over a year with zero issues. No rinse, just a 2 minute soak, dump, fill with beer. I'm not arguing anything here, that's in another thread I'm sure.

Definitely control those ferm temps. I used my boil kettle full of water and 5 ice packs which I rotated before bed and before work each day. It worked, but not so well in a 80+ degree room. My kettle water (swamp cooler, essentially) would swing from 62 to 70 throughout the 'life' of each ice pack. The beers all turned out fine. The thermal inertia of fermenting wort is going to level out your high and low temps of a swamp cooler, so the average is more important to me. I my case, I averaged about 66. Kyle

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One Step isn't sold as a sanitizer anymore (last I knew) because they didn't want to pay to have it listed that way.
It is a good cleanser, but takes a long wet-contact time to sanitize. And it doesn't 'no-rinse' well...I've seen it leave a white film just like oxy-clean on glass, and sometimes the granuales don't dissolve as well.

Star-san is my sanitizer of choice now...I did used to use one-step but it got expensive, especially compared to star san.
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Aug 2010
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Brewing in the heat of a Texas summer, on lighter beers have gotten an almost bubble gum flavor before. I attribute it to high fermentation temps. Since i don't have the space for a ferm chamber, my last few batches i've done the swamp cooler thing and but my carboy in about an inch of water in the bathtub and wrap a wet towel around it. It has kept my ferm temp between 68 and 72. Much happier with the results now.

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Old 05-04-2012, 11:46 AM   #26
Nov 2011
Davison, MI
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Hmm, never thought about the swamp cooler idea. That might work around summer time up here in Michigan when it can get pretty hot and humid.

Right now I have the carboys sitting at about 68 degrees and they're back to bubbling away so hopefully the yeast is eating up the rest of the Acetaldehyde. My blonde ale and the pale ale hopefully will turn out great after this.

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IMO- this is temperature related. Ester production occurs in the higher temp range of brewing. I would suggest finding the coolest spot in your home if you don't have space to Putin a freezer or some other form of temp control. For example Rogue pacman is temp controlled ferm at 63 deg. Now if your do have space, pull the trigger and then you'll be set up for lagers too.

I also strongly suggest o2 addition as well. I bought from Williams brewing their regulator and O2 stone setup for oxygen bottles for torches(red bottle) and use it all the time. These are investments that will payout for years and are well worth it.

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Be sure to rehydrate as instructed by Danstar:

Or following Sean Terrill's advice:

I learned from Wayne1 that dry yeast does not need additional O2, it is packed with dried nutrient already. He knows his stuff, and respect his instruction.

However it would be beneficial when liquid yeast and a starter are being used.

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